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The Nature of Virtue.

Ace Reporter Muzzy
Lots a Luck Press.

Hostage negotiation: Plan Parenthood Clinic.

Officer Flat Butt: Miss.... Jelly Beans! Can you hear me?

Miss Jelly Beans: Of course, you don't have to shout. Just speak
                          properly; no slurs or cussing.

Officer Flat Butt: Come out here and no one will get hurt.

Miss Jelly Beans: What about the unborn? How many babies have
                          they murdered?

Officer Flat Butt: This will only cause more harm..... Put down the rifle.

Miss Jelly Beans unloads her rifle on the police cars and S.W.A.T. van.
Officer Flat Butt hits his flat butt on the pavement behind his squad car.
Muzzy is scribbling notes by the driverside door.

Officer Flat Butt looks at Muzzy: She's flipped... We'll have to take a head

Muzzy: Shame, she has a lovely blue Easter Bonnet.... Maybe I can help.

Muzzy takes the officers C.B.: Miss Jelly Beans this is Muzzy for Lots a Luck

Miss Jelly Beans: That's a flithy tabloid... It's shamefull: the way you persecute
                          Angelina Jolie.

Muzzy: The world is a shamefull place.

Miss Jelly Beans: Yes!

Muzzy: What would Jesus do?

Miss Jelly Beans: ... We broke Gods law and He suffered for it.

Muzzy: Would Jesus shoot the police?

Miss Jelly Beans: ... Christians must take a stand!(+)

Bang! A bullet splits Muzzy's @Mickey Mouse Cap. Muzzy slams to the
pavement: shaken, but not shot.

Officer Flat Butt: (laughs)That went well.

Muzzy: She's psycho...... Hmmmmmmmmm. Let me try something.

Officer Flat Butt: I get paid for sitting on my butt.

Muzzy speaks into C.B. behind driveside out of Miss Jelly Beans' sight:
          Miss Jelly Bean? Do you have your Bible?

Miss Jelly Beans: Of Course of the I have the @King James Electronic Bible.

Muzzy: Great! Look up Numbers Chapter 5 verses 14 through 28:
            The Trail of Jealousy.

Miss Jelly Beans puts her rifle under her left arm and hides behind entry
as she clicks to the passage......^*+(?)

Bang! The Police see one of Miss Jelly Beans white heeled Easter' shoes
flip out the door.+ S.W.A.T. rushes the door.

S.W.A.T. Sgrt Slappy: She fragged herself! (thumbs up with left hand)

Officer Flat Butt turns to Muzzy in bewilderment.

Muzzy: Its a Rabbinical Rite for an abortion; if the husband believes his
            wife is carring another man's child.(shrugs and smiles)

Officer Flat Butt: Geeeze.

Muzzy: I'm really soar... I think I'll get a massage.


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