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by Ilyena
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Just what I think like.
Wake up , my love.
When you where little you always looked up to those with power. Always presumed that those with power had something you didn’t. But they don’t. They all started off just like you. What’s so different about them to you?
Instead of wanting what they dreamed they worked towards it. Now some people get it easy, don’t let them fool you, some don’t. We are all just human; blood ran on life, life ran on blood. You look up from below to find someone like you.
Humans are weird, you see. We like to believe what others believe to feel part of something. So we get reformed people. Then all a sudden they blame the government, people with power, for making those without power change. The idea of religion is even stranger to me. We are taught to question answers, yet we accept old ideas easily. If it has been around hundred of years, it must be right? If the bible came out now do you think anyone would take it seriously? Such a brilliant star humans are. They are so complicated always searching for answers, when they don’t even have the questions. They are scared of things they don’t understand or things they don’t know. What will knowing everything achieve? I believe that if the idea of religion weren’t around then humans would have to accept that they could be good all the time. No extreme evil and good fights a battle between them, nothing influences their behaviour but themselves. People can’t handle that responsibility. Also religion makes you pray, also known as talking to yourself. When you talk to yourself you work out problems in your head. It feels better to know someone is always listening, always watching over you. Rather like a kid being babied by an Adult. When will they learn to grow up? Now at this point you might think im a hater of god, im not, I don’t believe in him to hate. I believe in Atoms and spaces. Everything else is just an Opinion. Now you might be confused so ill go into a bit of detail. When someone tells you, you breath in air you accept it. But do you? Ohh I forget you test it right, scientist stuff. But who says science is right. I know science over 200 years ago was wrong. They even had science experiments to prove their rightness of there wrong. It weird how people think things are evil or need to be locked up because others say so. Did you know if you’re at harm to yourself or others around you, you’ve got a mental problem? It’s all right to hate the world, other people, other things, but not yourself. People are so busy conforming and making others conform they accept.
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