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This is a short prose/flash fiction piece personalizing the moon as its main character.
The bright reds and oranges of the sunset were fading and night was quickly falling.

The moon was silently rising higher in the sky; it's soft light covering the earth below.

Tonight was a special night for the moon or rather the people looking upon it. Though the moon itself was always the same size, tonight it shown brightly in its full beauty.

Husbands and wives took moonlit walks, children played, dogs howled, all under the moon's loving light.

The moon was happy.

As the hours passed the moon saw the people looking at its beauty and looked back at them joyfully.

Suddenly like a loud crash breaking through a long silence, a small light began to grow on the horizon. The light became larger and larger driving the darkness back.

The moon was horrified; it was being forced away by this larger, brighter light. The moon did not want to leave its place in the sky.

How could its night be over so soon?

As the light began to spread farther and farther the moon tried to push back against it but it was no use. The moon cried out silently as its brightness began to fade in comparison to that of the sun.

Finally the moon sighed realizing that it had no control over when it would rise and fall. The sun would retreat soon enough and the moon would return to look upon the world as before.

The moon smiled inside as it disappeared completely and the sun took its place in the sky.
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