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by segue
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Drink Me returns. Fast and, a little grunge, and hard to write without music.

I see your smi-le in the fog
a vagueness fades away anon.
I spin in place with such a storm
life takes a turn when you are go-one.

Another life, wasted with me
come around, again you shine.
Someone says there is a sky
you're divine, I wish you were mine.

It's just a shame your always gone,
and so afraid I go on blind,

(slows, quietly)

Just say,

(fast, loud)


Drink me....,
Drink me....,
I say drink me...,
Drink me...,

(slower, quieter)

pour out my heart.

[end chorus]


Disintegrated walls abound
mission bells reap their shells.
Ashes move with every wave,
you can see my heart float away...

Thoughts of mine are
slipping down the pipe.
These are thin, I cannot grasp.
Whither away my soul
I cannot win, fate at last.

(slower, quieter)

Just say...

(fast, loud)

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