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I can't believe that this has happened so soon!!!

I can't believe that I'm coming here with news like this so soon--and I especially can't believe it now, because Russell is supposed to be having a computer-free vacation.

Yet, he managed to find a computer and has written me such a sweet e-mail--an e-mail like I never expected him to be writing to me for quite some time!


I'm talking about what you think I'm talking about!

Russell Thomas Hartsaw popped the question--THE question--and he did it in such a sweet and unique way!

If nothing happens to change our plans, we'll be married before the year is over!!!

As you might imagine, I'm practically dancing on the ceiling!!! This is soooooooooooooooooo romantic.

Anyway, I want you to go here to read his beautiful proposal...


UPDATE (May 19, 2017):

When I discovered that this bit of writing had just been given a wonderful review by Mia - in motion , I could see that it was in need of a little updating, so this is the update:

I'll be writing an update to this ten year old story before long. Here's a spoiler: This was actually part of an April Fool's Day prank. More details when I find the time.

The true parts are that Russell and I DID have a long-distance (Internet, phone, email, and snailmail -- we never had the chance to meet) relationship at that time that went from platonic to romantic to back to platonic again. The switch back to platonic was my decision after deciding that he was just too darn bossy to have for a husband (as in the case of actually getting married, though we're still married to this day in Internet-style, which is explained below) but he was still wonderful to have for a friend.

Russell and I were (and, I believe, still are) Internet husband and wife -- having to do with a trend back at the time to "marry" somebody in the sense of saying that we were kindred spirits in some way. In our case, it had to do with helping homeless/otherwise at-risk young people as well as going after other aspects of Western "Civilization" that we didn't find quite right.

Russell was an outstanding person when it came to this kind of multifaceted cause because of his actually experiencing many of the situations in need of changing (e.g. homelessness in youth; senior citizens issues; repeated prison time for non-violent crimes; being in one of the worst reform schools in the country; having difficulties adjusting to life on the outside after parole; and so much more).

Coming Soon: A Tribute To Russell T. Hartsaw

Stay tuned...

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