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Conversation with a child, whose mother takes to prostitution to support him.

Child, why are you shivering?
“Fever I am suffering”.

What about your medicine?
“Mom will give me when she’s in”.

Tell me when you saw her last.
“Whole night has already passed”.

Did you eat something or not?
“Whisky only Daddy brought”.

Did you tell him you are ill?
“Yes, he told me to be still.

He said: Let me drink my thing,
Else you will get a beating”.

Do you wish mom brings you bread?
“Not till my dad is in bed.”

Why do you say so my child?
You have fever rather wild.

“Coming now will be much worse.
Dad would simply grab her purse

To buy another bottle;
Or her, if denied, throttle”.

* Written in aa bb, 7-7 format.

• Awarded Honourable Mention award in "The Opposite Emotions Contest “The Opposite Emotions Contest:: CLOSED”, March 2007 round

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MC Gupta
31 August 2003
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