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One girl's journey to escape the government and find true meaning to her life.
My names Evee, I may never see you or meet you but this is my story.
2100 is the year when I was born. Such horrible memories came from that decade. The Centery Revolution was a Government plan to bring forth a new way of controling the American country. It was called so because it had be one Centry after then new Millenium. This plan was devised to make the world a much safer place. In stead of Humans fighting Humans machines would take the place of our daily life saving heros. At the same time a group of scientists had claimed they found a new form of a virus that could strengthen the average human 10x more than any other human. With the creation of 2 life changing events we were no longer afraid of foreign attacks, or being killed. We thought we were safe. 2101 marked the year that would change the world forever. Machines turned agianst the whole population of America, which lead to the Government going courrupted. The people sworn to lead us had turned against us. So from our point of view it was the Governemnt and their robots vs. the citizens of America. We had nothing to protect us, no where to run, no one to trust. 2102, the government has sucsseeded in turning our country into a Dicatatorship and we have no choice but to obey their madening laws. Over 100,000 have truly struck fear into the hearts of Milliions who still live in this country. 2110 was the turning point for us, and this is where my story will truly take form.

"Evee wake up... Evee, get up now come on, there coming for us, EVEE!"
A small girl woke up and pulled the covers from her body. Pale and very under weight, she rubbed her eyes and slowly rose out of her bed with an unknowing expression upon her face. "Daddy, where are we going?"
Her father stepped back into her room. He was a tall man with a deep voice. His eyes were saphire blue, his hair a dark brown color.
"We have to leave, there coming to take us to a holdin cell. They found where we have been and we don't have alot of time. Now get yourself together."
Without hesitation she pulled herself out of bed and headed for her closet. A touch pad layed off to the left, she put her hand right over the base of it. 2 beeps and the door infront of her sprang open showing 2 sets of clothes. The set on the right was a small leather suit, completely black. Evee quickly took this set from its stand where it rested and put it on. On the left was a set of casual cloths which consisted of jeans and a pink polo shirt which she wore on top of her leather suit.
Her dad had come back in. "Pack lightly, and be ready in 2 minuets."
She nodded her head and looked back tword her closet. Again she brough her hand up to the touch pad and placed it firm on the base. 3 beeps and the closet closed and reopend instantly. This time it showed a whole rack of weapons, mostly swords but there were a couple of strange looking guns.
She reached up and grabbed a sword off the top rack. A solid black sheif, and at the end rested the handle of the sword. Wrapped in a black thread with foreign markings upon it, this was a magnificent sword.
"Daddy, im ready.." A pause with no word.
"Daddy...." She moved from her room and ran down the hall to find a closed door.
Silence filled the home and she could hear nothing.
Finally the door sprang open, and her father ran out. He grabbed her by the waist and picker her up as he continued twords the back of the house.
He set her down before a door and looked her straight in the eyes.
"I want you to go down and head twords the center court, Thor Jesse and Ivan will be waiting for you there."
He continued to stare at her in the eye.
"I love you so much and I always will. Now I want you to go and don't ask any questions... Go.."
She nodded her head and turned to open the door. Halfway open she turned and looked back at her father. He nodded his head and off she went through the door and into the dark cellar.
He closed the door behind her, stood up with his eyes still focused on the ground.
From 20 or so feet behind him there was a loud crash upon his door. 3 seconds later another, and finally the door gave in.
He reached up behind his back and grabbed the handle to his own sword.
"Hello Falle"
A man in his late 50's early 60's stood in the hall way lookin down at the man. His hair was completely gray and he had a strange tone to his body. The suit he was wearing made him look profesional, yet it gave a evil aura to him.
"I believe you are in violation of many of our laws, and im sure its time for us to take some action. Now where could your daughter be, we are very interested in her."
His fury grew with every word from this man.
"You will never touch my daughter as long as im alive.
His expression turned into a smile.
"And that can be arranged my friend. Under the Gov. Rewritten constitution, any and every one who has taken the virus into their system will be prosecuted and executed on site."
"Your constitustion does not apply to me nor will it ever, you reign on this country will come to an end. When people finally realize that they are stronger than you and your robots you will see what true numbers can accomplish." He drew his sword from his shief and brought it together with both his hands.
"If that's how you want it. By the power invested in me by the American Government I here by decalre a death warrant on your head." He turned back to the hall door and walked out.
"Kill him!"
2 robots walked back in through the door and marched twords him. They both were black and white with a red logo attached to their upper right arm. They carried 2 guns, 1 attached to both their arms, and also caried a couple of small gernades which were attached to the inside of their breast plate.
They both stopped 10 feet away from Falle and raised both their arms twords the man.
"Good-bye-Mr.-Falle" they both said in a very monotone robotic voice.
That instand he jumped into a roll and moved twords the robot on the left. They had both started firing at him very rapidly but had no accuaracy in any of their shots.
Falle sprang up from his roll and slashed one of the left robots arms off. His swing carried through and came around twords the robot on the right. He dropped to the ground and swung through its left leg and hit the right. Again he made another move, right under the robot on the right. He stood up back to back with one of them and swung his sword over his head. With a couple of spins around his wrist he brought it back up and under his arm right into the back of the robot. It dropped to the ground with a couple of sparks. By the time he ad turned around for the second robot he was already staring face to face with it. The robot had brought its right arm across and knocked him in the face with a hard metal plate attached to its upper wrist. It came back around and aimed its remaining gun straight at Falle. He rolled back onto his feet with his sword cocked back in his hands once more. Shots came fiering straight twords him. Each individual bullet was knocked away by his sword. With amazin accuaracy and determination he was able to dodge all the buletts. One last run and he jumped into the air, bringing his sword over his head. The robot followed him in the air and gave a final shot. The sound of metal on metal was heard and the robot fell to the ground in 2 spereate peices. Falle had also fallen to the ground after taking the final shot to his upper chest, right below his shoulder. He cringed in pain and grasped his shoulder, the pain was immense but he knew he had to get down into the cellar before more would show up.
Using his sword to support him he rose up to his feet and procceded to walk twords the cellar door. Outside his home he could hear the yelling and screaming of government officals. He made it to the door, opened it and started limping down the stair way. He continued making his way to the center of the under ground passage and when he made the final turn he was relived to see his daughter and his 3 friends waiting graciously for him.
"Falle! Are you ok!" his friend Jesse ran up to him and helped support him as Ivan helped support the other side of his body. They carried him to a hard stone boulder and layed him down face up to rest.
"I'm fine, nothing a night of rest can not cure." He grabbed his shoulder and restricted it from movment so that it could have the nessisary time to heal.
"Give me an hour or so and the wound will be healed completely. For now we need to rest and make sure that they do not find us. If we move this way we will go into a small cavern and they will not be able to see us very easily." He had pointed twords a small passage just off to the right of them. Falle rose to his feet and started making his way with Ivan Jesse and Evee twords the passage. As they looked back they saw Thor sitting on a rock in deep thought, as if he wasn't even concious. "Thor"
Thor turned his attention to Falle.
"I'll be there in a minuet, I want to make sure they are not coming down here to find us. Don't worry about me."
He turned back to the passage and continued down the trail.
They had finally made it into the small patch of limestone rock. They all sat down and unpacked, drinking water, eating bread, and resting.
"We might as well just sleep here tonight, for the best of us all. We can take turns watch guard." He took a deep breath
"Ivan do you mind going first tonight?" He nodded his head and walked away just as Thor entered the cavern. He gave Falle a sharp look and then sat down to rest himself.
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