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Written about an angel I saw when I lived in Mexico.
(C) Alison McKenzie
I caught a glimpse
of something just now
perhaps it was a leaf?
It's been an hour since
I laid down
to lull myself to sleep.

Yet no sleep comes
and here I perch
peering into darkness.
A blurry image runs
past; I lurch
lacking any finesse.

The image is translucent
and burns bright blue;
It halts in front of me.
The air is pleasant
with sweet perfume.
An angel? could it be?

A feeling of peace
tumbles over me
as I gaze upon my angel.
It smiles lovingly
and winningly
and bids me farewell.

The angel floats away,
my guardian leaves me
sleeping soundly on my bed.
Only a slight sway:
my breathing;
and the angel with its wings outspread.
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