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by Ace
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A real email I sent to one of the friends that I lost. THIS WAS A TRUE EVENT!

We haven't talked in forever. I was just thinking about you so I wanted to see how you were. Matt and I REALLY miss you. And I think somewhere deep down inside Bryant misses you too. Ha, if I had been told a year ago that you wouldn't be here for my up coming birthday I wouldn't have believed it. But here it is, the birthday I've been waiting for since I was 5 and I can't even be happy about it. Im turning 13! I still cant believe it...I wish you were here again to inhale all the pix-sticks with Matt and Bryant.

It doesn't seem right, everything that's changed in the past year. It shouldn't be this way. I should be able to walk down the street and see you there and Bryant and Matt just like it used to be. The only thing that should be keeping all of us from each other is a street, but suddenly it's an ocean. I hate the way things are now. I can only see them every other month. But I know that I may not ever see you again, and I know that things will never be the same.

I can't help but feel that I should have visited you guys more. I should have come by for more football games and video games. I want it to be like it was for those couple of years. I miss watching you and Matt fight with Bryant and I even miss all the teasing I got from you guys for sucking at everything we did! Ever since you left I promised myself that for my 13th B-day I'd to see you again. I know that wont work though.

Matt would love that. I still want to burry that time capsle too. But for some reason I don't want to at the same time. Because I know that if I do it means that this is really happening and I don't want it to. I know that burrying that time capsel will be the final nail in the coffen that contianed all of my hopes and dreams that things could really be the same again. I want time to stop and I want time to stop making things so much harder for all of us. Matts gotten so tall. Probably as tall as you are! He's not our 'little Matt' anymore. He's even taller than me!

When you left I didn't want to believe that either, It was all so wrong! Things weren't supposed to be that way! We were supposed to grow up together! Matt was the football player, you were going to play every sport you could, Bryant was the one to design the next greatest video game! And I...I was going to cheer you guys on like I always did. I just wanted to be there for you so badly!  For all of you. But somewhere along the lines of our dream something went wrong.

My parents had always talked about moving but it had never happened so it couldn't happen. Right? No. I did move and that's when it all started to end. You moved shortly after that. To Iceland! Why did you have to go somewhere that we couldn't follow?! It all seemed so seriel when I found out. I think the worst part though was that you weren't the one to tell me. It was Matt. But, by the time I got there, it was too late. You were gone and you didn't even tell me, or say goodbye!

I thought that maybe I did something wrong. That all I had to do was apoligize for it and everything would be okay again. You and I would move back and things would be perfect again. Just like they always were. But that didn't happen, and now the only thing linking me to you at all is this computer. But I don't even know if your there, or if you'll read this. It hurts so much, I miss you so much!

I just wanted to talk to YOU instead of my computer screen but I understand that, that cant happen. Maybe I'll talk to you some other time. 
your always friend,

PS.- Merry late Christmas, New years, Birthday, and every other holiday we didn't get to celebrate together this time.

---Disclamer: My friend died in a car accident five days before the email was sent. He never recieved it, and no one mentioned in the email or in real life knew it was sent. I didn't fine out until one week after I sent the email. By then he had been dead for twelve days. I never went to the funeral, and the last time I saw him was about eight months before.--
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