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Review of The Secret and the Law of Attraction - Coaching Principles
Doug Nau, MBA
Life Coach, Motivational Speaker
phone: 916-209-8173,
email: doug@coachforwellness.com
web: http://coachforwellness.com

Today's Article: Hearing about The Secret? Part 1

The movie 'The Secret' shares a new take on an old principle which has been written about for years. A number of different authors have made reference to this secret, however this movie is the first to bring it into the mainstream media for television viewing. What is the secret? Well this is the old principle of 'The Law of Attraction'. Fundamentally, we attract what we focus our attention and feelings on in life. Furthermore, this is more than just a theory, but it is a law that governs our existence, one like gravity or simple rules of mathematics. Quite an interesting concept.

While the overly analytical can argue about some of the specific ramifications of this law, letting that analysis go and accepting the principle can offer a transformational experience if we are willing. Here is one example of how the Law of Attraction worked in my life.

Just recently, my wife and I decided that for several reasons it would make sense for me to seek part time work in addition to my coaching practice. I became very clear on what it was that I wanted - coaching in an organizational setting, supporting people in living healthy, balanced, and fulfilling lifestyles. All the while doing this on a part time basis such that I could continue to serve my clients and grow my business. At first review, such a job did not seem possible. I reviewed job boards, researched potential companies, and followed leads that were just vaguely relevant. For one, wellness coaching is an extremely new field, and in addition to this wellness programs are really just starting to get developed in mainstream business. On top of this, prospects of finding a part time position in this field were slim to none. Nevertheless, I had an intention to find this job and amazingly within 3 weeks of becoming clear of and setting the intention, the perfect job appeared like magic. Part time, benefitted, and for a major organization; Sutter Health Partners was looking for a wellness coach in Sacramento to support their growing program. To date, this is the only job of this kind I know of across the U.S. The likelihood of it being right in my back door and that they were looking for a new hire at the same time I was looking was amazingly remote.

Needless to say, when I heard of the job I spread the word with everyone I knew to see if I could get past their online submittal process. Within one week I learned that my brother was a colleague of the CEO for one of the Sutter Affiliates and he knew of the program coordinator. A mentor coach of mine also knew a woman that worked at Sutter and had gone through a coach training program. All leads pointed to a woman that had recently joined Sutter Health Partners as the hiring manager - she just took this position 6 weeks before I contacted her.

To me, this is an extreme case of the Law of Attraction, and you can see that the result was not without work, however by becoming clear on my intention, focusing my energy on that intention, and allowing the universe to unfold, opportunities arose. In working with my personal coach, I was able to keep a positive outlook or feeling throughout the process, this is a significant requirement for the law of attractionn to work (otherwise we'd be attracting the negative). Almost overnight, my total coaching network has grown to hundreds of clients and I see new opportunities arise each and every day. Next step - growing this newsletter... Check out next month's newsletter for more on the 'Law of Attraction'.


Monthly Action

*What would you like to attract into your life?
*Does it have to do with money, relationships, physical health, spirituality?
*Have you developed your vision and become specific for yourself?
*Write down what you'd like to attract - you do not need to know how it will happen, just write it down, focus your energy on it and see what opportunities arise over the next thirty days.
*Act on those opportunities and email me with your experiences!

Visit my bookstore if you'd like to purchase your own copy of 'The Secret' and to see other great references on the 'Law of Attraction'


About the Author:

Doug Nau received his Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies from the University of California at Santa Barbara and his Masters in Business Administration from the University of Arizona. After working 10 years in the Silicon Valley for Environmental Data Management firms, his life changed with the diagnosis of leukemia. Since then his focus has been on mastering all aspects of wellness and supporting others in doing the same. He now owns and operates a private life coaching business 'The Wellness Coach', and is a member of the International Coach Federation. He also works as a lifestyle management coach with Sutter Health Support Services.

Doug Nau, MBA
Professional Life Coach, Educational & Motivational Speaker
The Wellness Coach
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1242457