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by Yaicon
Rated: 13+ · Novel · Action/Adventure · #1243440
BOOK 4 sorry about the new title but the other one didnt fit the story as well
Chapter 1: The Traitorous Ally

It had been half a month after Bat and his friends Cut, Dark, Nate, and Captain Belisle had set out on their mission. ECHO team had branched off room the rest of the army to do the mission their own way. The mission was to encompass Athol and peck off the remaining Volracht forces that hadn't been at the main hive. Nothing but flying in the HP-95 for as long as they have is making everybody stir crazy and everyone is itching for some action.

"Now you guys know how i felt when my leg was broke" said Bat one morning when Cut was complaining about how bored he was.

"I pity you" said Dark as he wiped some sweat off of his face. The sun was scorching hot at this time of day and the ships cooling system couldn't keep up.

"What the hell" came captain Belisle's voice from the pilot’s seat.

"What's going on" asked Nate as he took another swig of his drink.

"You're not going to believe this!" she yelled "There is a huge line of Volracht walking in one direction!"

"What do you think they are doing?" Bat asked as he began to stare at Cut's extremely burnt face.

"I say we kill them!" said Cut "It IS our mission right?"

"Do not engage we will only return fire" said Bat finally taking his eyes off of Cut "Let's see where these freaks are going." The captain changed her direction to follow the group. After a long time an identical version of the main base of the Volracht appeared on the horizon.

"Oh hell no!" yelled Wolf as he realized what he was looking at.

"Another Volracht base!" Bat screamed. The ship gained speed as Belisle floored the gas. They sat in silence as the structure seemed to erect itself in front of their eyes. After a good twenty minutes or so they where nearly on top of the thing but something was missing. The roof. The roof was not there making the building look like a stadium for some event until they saw the huge twenty-five foot tall figure of Irion standing on what would be the stage of a stadium. His low voice could be heard clearly over the hum of the engines on solar power mode and grunts and grumbles of the large audience of Volrachts.

"Brothers!" Irion yelled "I have been inside the enemies head and know how they think! Ever since our alliance i have been able to find out some valuable information we can both use against those foreign outsiders called the humans! We were here first we deserve the planet! Are you with me!?" Grunts of approval rang out throughout the stadium and must have carried on for miles.

"Okay i am not going to take this lying down" said Bat looking at his friends. "Cap'n take us down in that small path of forest I want to have a word with Irion." She did what she was told and opened the side door early so they could do the "jump out the side before we land" tradition they made. The team rolled once and took off running but Nate trieing to do as they did fell flat on his face giving him a face full of dirt and sand. But him being him he scrambled to his feet and ran off after his friends.

Chapter 2: The Search for Vengeance

"Hey Nate!" said Bat before Belisle took off. "You need to help the cap'n in the sky"

"Oh come on!" he said wiping the dirt off his face.

"Just do it" Bat said waving at Belisle not to take off yet. Nate reluctantly ran back to the HP-95 went inside and jumped into the ball turret out of sight. The ship launched and flew off. "Okay Savannah we need you and Nate to attack right inside the opening into the stadium. We will take care of Irion." Bat said into a com. link.

"Yes sir" she said as she rocketed off into the distance.

"Well let's get moving" said Bat as everyone else spun around and started into a jog towards the gargantuan structure. When they reached the edge of the base the rapid gunfire of Nate in the ball turret shooting them all up could be heard.

"It seems they hae stated the party before we got there" said Wolf as they made their way around to a door to the building. After a few minutes of searching they found a secluded door. They went through and walked silently around. When he thought he was close to where Irion was speaking Bat sent a silent message in text that read: Follow me splitting up is not our style! across everyone’s visors. Loud footsteps could be heard down a corridor and an Ordinack walked passed. It didn't seem to notice them doing a perfect statue imitation. We need to get out of here! flashed across Bat's visor. He looked behind himself and stared at Cut for he had sent the message. Cut just nodded and pointed forward with his chin as a way of saying "fine we can keep going".

"Which way are we going?" whispered Bat when they paused at a left, right, or forward intersection. Everyone pointed left because that was where Irion should supposedly be. Bat went first down the hallway with his silenced pistol in his hand everyone else loaded their pistols too but even the like of the guns loading seemed ten times louder just from how quiet it was around there. Bat found a door around the next corner and held his hand up to make the rest of the team stop. Just when he put his hand down the voice of Irion boomed out from the other side of the door. The words couldn't be made out from how muffled they where but the gunfire of Nate and Belisle outside was still going strong. The entire team could only imagine how many Volrachts they had killed or if they had taken out Irion and he was wounded.

Just then the door hissed open and Irion ran through almost falling over but regained his balance when he saw ECHO team standing in his path. "What the hell is wrong with you!?" Bat yelled.

"You pathetic insect!" Irion roared "I refuse to assist an inferior race like the humans in taking what was rightfully mine!"

"What are you talking about do you mean your entire story was a lie!?" yelled Cut from behind the group.

"Indeed mister Cut it was all just my way of testing your race." he said with a laugh "You are too trusting and are foolish to let an unknown being into your leading office"

"And this is why you decided to turn on us!?" yelled Dark.

"It is you who are foolish!" screamed Wolf "You underestimate a humans will and power! i bet you i could take you down right now!" he said lunging at Irion. Wolf drew his pistol and shot a few rounds that buried themselves in Irion’s body. The alien started to bleed the same blood of the Volracht but it didn't look serious.

"You unruly parasite of this planet!" Irion screeched as he swung one of his huge arms at the still charging Wolf. Wolf ducked under the blow and jumped on his stomach, rolled under Irion’s legs and shot a round into the shoulder of the Ordinack.

"Let's go guys!" yelled Dark as he jumped onto Irions back and repeatedly shot him in the back. Irion shook violently as Bat's almost non-human like bulk was rammed into his leg. Cut ran over to Irions side and tried to get a clear shot at his head. Irion attacked Wolf trying to stomp on him. Wolf would roll away just in time until Irion did a sweeping kick and sent Wolf flying into a wall. Bat continued to beat on Irion’s tree trunk-like leg with his right arm and shot it with his left hand. Dark flailed wildly as Irion tried to shake him off.

You think you can beat us? Wolf thought as he was making sure he hadn't any broken bones. Just wait until we get angry he thought with a smile. He leaped up onto his feet and Shot a few rounds at Irion until he felt something on his back making everything fade away and turn black. Bat had finally ripped Irion’s leg to shreds when Irion finally dropped to his knees. Cut relentlessly shot at his head but his shoulder denied his shots every time. Dark was on his last bit of energy still emptying clip after lip into the things back.

A strange noise was heard over the chaos making everyone look over. An Ordinack had Wolf's head in its left hand. It made a low grumbling noise and Irion laughed. "He says you are to release me at once or your friend will die." Bat backed of and Dark fell off of Irion's back but Bat caught him in time. Cut moved away towards the group and the Ordinack dropped the limp body of wolf on the ground. "Perhaps the one called Wolf was right" Irion said looking at Bat "But it seems that we are at a stalemate for now. Farewell." Irion started to hover about two feet above the ground and he began to move towards the his minion. Bat put the exhausted Dark in Cuts arms and went to go retrieve Wolf. When he had Wolf on his back hw turned around and walked away feeling defeated.

Chapter 3: The Ordinack Attack

"Hey cap'n we need a pickup" Bat said into his com. link.

"Sure thing" she said back.

"Hey Cut! did you get Wolf awake yet?" Dark said as he sat down on a rock.

"Yes i'm awake" Wolf said as the HP-95 started to hover overhead.

"Hey guys!" called Nate when the ship had landed "Believe it or not we took out about all but fifty of the Volracht in that stadium they are not coming back!"

"Damn you are like the flying aces eh?" said Bat as everyone was getting seated and Belisle was taking off.

"You could say that" said Belisle winking at Nate making him laugh. As they flew off back to H.Q. the crew once again felt the sting of the sun. After about of a week of full throttle flight a huge ploom of smoke was seen long before the base. Everyone just stared at the cloud of smoke and the fact that about a third of the H.Q. was blown up.

"Holy shit" Bat finally said in almost a whisper. Nobody said anything after that. When about an hour passed and they docked in the hanger everybody walked off the HP-95 and ran to the door. When it opened people where scrambling to get things and the smell of smoke was thick in the air. "You there!" Bat screamed pointing at a brown haird woman in her late twenties "What just happened!?"

"The Ordinack have betrayed us sir!" she said as she began to cry "They used orbital weapons to blast a huge hole in the west wing." she then ran off down a hallway and out of sight.

"Those bastards!" Dark yelled as he looked around.

"Holy crap guys!" Wolf yelled "Colonel Ranns's office was in that wing!!"

"He's right" Cut said with a sigh. "He must be dead."

"Don't be talking about me like that soldier!" the colonel yelled from a hallway to the left of them.

"Colonel!" Bat said "What is going on? why did they attack us?"

"Don't mind that." Ranns said holding up his hand "We need you to help search for survivors follow me"

"Yes Sir!" the team yelled but just before they were going to the wing Nate's voice came from behind them.

"Hey can we join you guys?"

Chapter 4: Search and Rescue

Cut spun around and waved for Belisle and Nate to follow him. After a few seconds the air became hard to breath as smoke filled everyone's lungs but even still the colonel didn't slow down any. Finally the heat of the fire could be felt one their skin and people were carrying other people away from the fires and weaving through the team who were still running towards the chaos. The colonel took a sharp left and a collapsed wall stood in their way. Everyone immediately started digging and they found about five dead soldiers and a person who was so dismembered that they couldn't tell who it was. Before long they made a small hole to the other side of the wall rubble. Nate being the small person he is just slipped right through along Cut. The rest continued to dig in the smoky corridor. "We found somebody!" Cut said as he poked his head through the hole.

"Give him to me" said Bat holding out his arms. Wolf slowly fed the persons legs through the hole. Bat pulled so hard that he yanked the body out in one pull. Upon a closer look he saw it was the brown haired woman he had talked to in the lobby not five minutes earlier. He carried her limp body on his back and sprinted back to the lobby passing a lot of people who just moved out of the way. When Bat got to the lobby he just looked at a man in a fire hazard suit. The man nodded and pointed down a small hallway. Bat followed where he pointed running into a room filled with cots and injured people. He walked by people with singed skin and broken limbs. During the few seconds he was walking to give the woman to a doctor he heard "Oh god they're flat lining!" about six times coming from different pars of the room.

One person in particular caught Bat's sympathy more than all of the rest. He was a small boy about five foot four with a burnt left arm and crushed legs. Bat let out a sympathetic sigh as he walked by but the boy didn't stir. He has got to be dead but he was so young Bat thought. "My I take him from you sir?" a male nurse said from Bat's left.

"Here you go" Bat said taking her off his back and handing her to the strong looking nurse. "Take good are of her."

"You got it sir." he said with a salute. After he walked off Bat remembered his friends still in the fire. He walked out of the room as another doctor yelled for a instrument Bat couldn't pronounce. After a five minute jog back to where the rest of the team was the wall had already been cleared and the colonel's voice could be heard to the right of the corridor.

"Come on not again!" the colonel yelled as the rest of the team was digging.

"Something you want to share?" Bat said as he put a hand on the back of the colonels shoulder

"The Ordinack are firing another beam." Ranns said wiping the soot of his face "It is taking a long time to charge after the first one hit but they should be done within the net few hours."

"Well sounds like we are needed elsewhere" Cut said in-between coughs.

"Fine I will get the fire department out here we need to go" The colonel said as he turned around. They all went back to the main lobby as a small group of people in fire-hazard suits ran down the hallway. "Well guys you better get going!" when Ranns was about to say something else but it seemed like the planet of Athol shook. Another explosion rang out and a high pitched alarm started to sound.

Chapter 5: Enemy Invasion

"We are being attacked again!?" Bat yelled as he picked himself up off the ground.

"Not this time" colonel Ranns said as he steadied himself on a chair. "We are being attacked headlong. It seems the Irion wants to attack from inside the building."

"Or it's a distraction to keep us from defending against the orbital weapons" said Wolf as he rubbed the back of his head.

"I think he is right" Dark said. Cut rolled on the ground writhing in pain from falling onto a table and smacking his head on the corner.

"Nate?" Bat said looking around for his friend. Nate was nowhere to be found. Where has he gone now!?"

"Don't mind him right now we have to get moving" the colonel called hallway down a small hallway. The team gathered up Cut who was bleeding from a gash he had gotten and followed him. After a while of weaving through hallways and rooms they finally head the clatter of Ordinack feet on the metal floor of this section of the building. "Okay how are we going to get around these things?" whispered Ranns as he slowly looked around the corner seeing at least thirty aliens running around.

"We don't have any weapons" Cut said still a little groggy from his head.

"We are going to have to get around them somehow." Bat said thinking about how he would take out the attackers.

"Let's just cloak and walk around them." Dark said calmly.

"Yes but we can't leave the colonel here alone." Bat said still thinking of a solution.

"Where are your weapons i thought you were just on a mission!" Ranns said as he looked back at ECHO team who were still making sure they weren't attacked form behind.

"I left mine in the ship." Cut said with a soft laugh. The others just nodded. Then the familiar sound of footsteps started to get closer. "Well it seems like we have to fight hand to hand." As the first Ordinack rounded the corner the colonel gave it a powerful punch to its face leaving it stunned.

Bat leaped out from the corner and grabbed one of the aliens and tossed him into a wall. Dark helped Cut get away from the fight as Wolf helped Ranns with his fight. Wolf punched at the Ordinack's gut sending it stumbling back. The third alien in the group lunged at Bat knocking him over. When the first Ordinack swiped at Bat with a clawed hand he grabbed the other aliens arm and yanked him in front of the blow in a split second. The alien shrieked as the hand of it's partner was plunged into it's skull spraying shimmering purple blood all over Bat. Bat started to feel queasy as the body went limp and fell on him.

Meanwhile Wolf was unleashing an onslaught of punches to the Ordinack he was fighting. Just when his arms stated to tire the colonel landed a punch to the side of the alien's head making a sickening snap noise and it fell over. Then they turned their attention to Bat who was struggling with his opponent. The alien lashed out with a hand that just barely grazed his arm. Wolf kicked the Ordinack off of Bat and the colonel went to help him up. Wolf again attacked his foe with all he had. The Ordinack countered by kicking Wolf in the chest with so much fore it made him all backward. Bat wanting revenge ran up and placed his foot on the creatures head "Don't mess with me or my friends you son of a bitch!" as he finished that sentence Bat put all his strength and wait into a powerful stomp sending his foot straight through the creatures head.

Chapter 6: Not so Happy Reunion

"Bravo my inferior opponents!" roared Irion's voice from a hole in the wall at the end of the hallway Bat, Wolf, and the colonel were.

"Oh god not you again!" said Bat pointing at his former friend.

"Yes it is I!" Irion said pointing at himself "And in all of my glory! i now have your pathetic race on their knees would you not agree?"

"I think i'd rather kick your ass!" Ranns said as he took a few steps forward.

"I don't think an unarmed insect could even think of harming me." Irion laughed.

"Well how about four armed people!" yelled Nate from behind Irion. Nate, Cut, Captain Belisle, and Dark all had some heavy assault rifles all pointed at Irion.

"So that's where you guys went" said Wolf a little agitated they hadn't attacked when Irion when they had the chance.

"Well well well" said Irion a little less confident than he was earlier. "It seems that I have been caught. But I would like to leave you with a gift" Irion reached at his leg, drew a Ordinack weapon, and fired it. The bullet struck colonel Ranns in the chest and he staggered around before falling on the ground and coughing out blood. Bat ran to his aid with Wolf right behind him.

"I swear i you killed him I am going to tear you apart!" yelled Wolf as he applied pressure to his dieing friends wounds. Irion then turned around and with one huge foot kicked at the group of people guarding his back. The group flinched and within a few seconds Irion was already charging at Bat and Wolf. Bat ran up to Irion tackling his leg. The adrenalin and rage he was feeling was the only reason Bat had stopped Irion in his tracks. Bat punched a few times before getting brushed off of his enemy.

"Stay away from them!" yelled Dark as he started to shoot at Irion but Irion didn't slow. He was bent on taking out Ranns before he himself was to die. Nate, the captain, and Cut all joined in the fray of gunfire praying that he wouldn't make it to their comrades. Wolf started breathing hard as the huge Ordinack was now almost on top of him. With one crushing blow Irion sent his fist to the ground right where the old man was lying. Wolf tried to drag his downed friend away but he wasn't fast enough.

"I will not be dieing alone!" Irion yelled as his punch was driven into colonel Ranns's gut. His punch went right through to the floor of the building leaving a large dent as the colonel let out his last yell, coughed out at least a pint of blood, and went limp as his murderer ell dead upon him.

"YOU BASTARD!" Belisle yelled in-between sobs. "The grand marshal is dead!" Nobody moved or said anything but stared at the woman crying in front of her and the remains of the battle that had just been won.

"We are going to win this war if it means destroying Athol!" said Wolf as tears streamed from his eyes. "What are we going to do now?"

"We are going to deal with the rest of his scum." Bat said as Nate helped his cousin and friends over to the two bodies.

Chapter 7: No Time for Mourning

"Come on guys we are still being invaded!" Cut said as he wiped his eyes.

"Yeah we need to fight them off" Bat agreed.

"You still don't have any weapons" said Nate as he held up his gun.

"We need to get to an armory" said Dark as he watched Bat roll Irions bloody carcass off of the colonel's mutilated body. A small group of Ordinack was attacking the AV hanger so it was not the best place for them to go. By now that high pitched alarm stopped and the lights began to flicker.

"They are attacking the power generators" said the captain with a sigh. "We need those weapons so we an defend the power."

"Savannah's right Nate said handing his weapon to Bat "you shouldn't be unarmed in a place like this."

"It's all right Nate I can rely on my physical strength to fight the unarmed Ordinack." Bat said tossing the gun back to Nate. Nate laughed and took the gun back. "Cut are you all right?" Bat said remembering Cut's head wound.

"I'm fine the bleeding has stopped" said Cut pointing at his temple which was moist and covered in almost dry blood.

"Okay guys let's move out" Bat said pointing sown the hallway they had just came from. When they reached the lobby they had been in a while ago. They went towards the AV but went into the door on the other side of that corridor. Inside was a room with guns and crates of ammo everywhere.

"Take your pick." said Dark as they went into the room. Bat grabbed his favorite gun which he hadn't been able to use sine he was in training. The weapon was called the Q-1. He hadn't learned what its name stood for but then again he didn't care. It didn't look much different than the anti-Volracht guns that had become a favorite weapon in the war but this gun had an attachment. The long tube under the barrel of the gun held five grenades and they could be fired pretty quickly.

"Holy crap Batty!" yelled Cut as he looked at Bat holding up his gun "They have your gun! I remember you used to be so good with that grenade launcher."

"Let's hope he still is" said Dark with a chuckle. Wolf picked up a standard anti-Volracht machine gun because it was what he was used to using. Okay are we all armed?"

"YES SIR!" yelled Cut just to be funny. Nate and the captain laughed a little but Bat and Dark didn't think it was such a good time for jokes.

"Well i guess we should be going then" said Bat as he started to get used to the grenade launchers added weight on his gun. As the team walked down a short hallway to a stair well Dark went to the front of the group and slowly went down a few flights always expecting an Ordinack attack. When they finally got to the bottom Dark decided to let Wolf take the lead so he walked a little slower until Wolf passed him.

Chapter 8: The Power Generators

"Well it seems like we have a few aliens at the end of this hall but we could take them before they even notice us." Wolf said as he looked around a corner. "So should we get them or go stealth?"

"We should kill them before they do any more damage to the power." Bat whispered. With that Wolf jumped out and emptied a clip down the hallway. Needless to say they were all killed.

"Where is the generators?" asked Wolf as he looked Back at Nate. Nate pointed down the hall to a door on the left that was in-between an entrance to a hallway and another door. They all walked down to the door and opened it. What they saw behind the door was fifteen Ordinack jumping and clawing at the wires and plating of six giant cylinders that made a low humming noise. Wolf held up his hand telling everyone to stop and hold their fire. He then pointed at Nate and Belisle and then pointed at the left group of still thrashing aliens. Then he pointed at Dark and Bat then pointed at the middle group. Cut just nodded at Wolf and knew he was going to follow him. Wolf then waved his hand and everyone attacked their group of enemies.

Five of them were dropped within the first few seconds. Then ECHO team poured into the room. The aliens turned around but these Ordinack had guns. They shot off a few blind rounds before the team took cover. Bat shot off one o his five grenades and obliterated one group of four tearing them to shreds. Wolf and Cut shot their entire group in the head with well aimed shots. The captain and her cousin fought off their group but lacked the training for ground combat so they didn't kill them as fast. "Well that was fun" said Nate as he examined the bullet holes on the front of the tank he hid behind.

"That's one word for it" said Bat as he kissed his gun on the barrel. "Well now that the power is saved we should go check on the up stairs." With that he and the team walked up the stairs they had just come down and looked around at the mess that was once a base for thousands upon thousands of soldiers. How could we have let this happen? Bat thought.

Chapter 9: The Plan to End the New Threat

"The orbital weapons!" Nate screamed "We are all going to die!"

"No we are not!" said Bat as he sat in one of the few still upright chairs in the lobby.

"I think this is pretty hopeless guys." said Wolf.

"You know it's serious when the optimistic guy thinks it's hopeles!" said Cut with a little sarcasm in his voice.

"Come on guys!" Bat yelled "Are you forgetting why we are here!? Well i'll tell you why we're here. They put us here to kick some alien ass! now let's find a way to do what we are supposed to do!"

"Captain?" Dark said "Do you think we could destroy the weapon in the Ghost?"

"I think he's on to something" said Nate as he bit his lip. "We need to bomb that son of a bitch where it is."

"Well we are going to need a lot of fire-power!" said the captain as she put her hand to her head. "We might not have enough"

"It's better than being here when it goes off!" yelled Wolf as he grabbed her and shook her around.

"Then it's settled we go to space and destroy that laser." said Bat as he stood up again. "Let's move out team!" They all ran down to the AV hanger and sprinted to the Ghost evading Ordinack gun-fire. They all piled in and the captain and Nate took the pilot and co-pilot seat. The engines flared up and made that unique roaring noise. Within five minutes they were on their way to destroy the laser.

After about two hours of flying they finally could see the fleet of Ordinack ships. There were at least thirty of the huge ships but one of them had a huge opening in the front and it was twice as long as the other ships. Everyone thought the same thing "That has to be the ship". They set a course for the ship's gun and readied for boarding. A few minutes passed and they were right outside the barrel of the gun. "Are you ready boys?" said the captain over the intercom.

"We were born ready" said Wolf as the ship began to slow. As they entered the barrel of the gun only the night vision hull of the Ghost let anyone see anything. As they delved deeper into the barrel of the beast a slight glow could be seen from far away. Nate zoomed in on the light and it was a small green orb with to long robotic arms coming out from behind it arching in front of it.

"That must be the power source of this monster." said Nate in awe.

"Well we know what to do now don’t we?" responded captain Belisle.

"Yeah all we have to do is shoot a rocket down there and we should be done!" said Nate.

What!? Man you really are a rookie aren't you?" she said with a laugh "We wouldn't have enough time to leave the cannon if we shot a rocket."

"Then what are they supposed to do!?" Nate said.

"They put a time delay bomb next to a high explosive rocket" she said with some hand motions "and then we run like scared chickens out of this hell hole and get out of here before it goes off."

"I see" said Nate scratching his chin "so the chain reaction of the power surging then breaking will cause a nice boom?"

"Maybe you aren't as stupid as i thought you were." she said when Nate was done sounding smart. "Well here we go i am opening the doors now"

Chapter 10: Final Sabotage

As the team jumped out of the ship and fell slowly in the zero gravity they turned on their helmets night vision. The team had a helmet that fed oxygen to their lungs like a scuba tank but smaller. Bat, Cut, Dark, and Wolf jumped off of the ground towards the faint green light off in the distance. They could cover almost a kilometer with a single jump in this gravity pretty quickly. By the time they had gotten to the core it seemed to have grown about four-thousand times bigger than it had on their screens. "Well this is it fellas" said Wolf as they got closer.

"The end of the Ordinack threat" said Dark as he stared at the now almost blinding green light given off by the tremendous orb.

"Well what are we waiting for let's go!" said Cut as he jumped off trying to get to the top of the orb. Bat holding the rocket of the Ghost and the time bomb just simply tossed them up to the almost flying Cut which he caught and jumped off the right wall to get just the height he needed to get to the top of the power source.

"You can set the thing up right?" asked Bat as Cut disappeared behind the curve of the orb.

"Yes I can!" he called back to Bat as he placed down the rocket which was about the size of Bat's arm then he place the time bomb which was the size of a shoe box next to the tip of the rocket. "That should do it" he said with a smile. Just to show off Cut jumped up to the "roof" of the cannons barrel and adjusted himself mi-flight and jumped off of the top of the gun.

"Hey look its zero gravity ninja Connor" laughed Wolf as Cut landed slowly on what would be the floor of the gun.

"Good now let's get out of here" said Bat as he called the captain over to pick them up. The four just sat on the ground for a while until the captain landed the Ghost a few yards away.

"Where too?" said Nate sarcastically.

"Well I guess you could drop us off on Athol but i would like to see the fire-works." said Cut continuing the gag. The captain took off and the team took a seat. After what seemed like forever the ship finally left the opening of the gun barel and flew almost back into Athol's atmosphere but stopped and turned the ship around and waited. The entire ship was bubbling with anticipation of the end of their enemies and suffering. Now was the time to end it. Now was the time to prove that the humans an conquer all of their obstacles. When the bombs time finally went to zero the best thing anyone could describe happened before their eyes.

The ship exploded in such a monstrous way sending debris and flaming wreckage everywhere. The giant ship broke in half and slowly drifted into another ship smashing straight through the second ships hull. That too burst into a fiery explosion and crumbled. A few specks could be seen coming out of the other ships hangers but they soon were engulfed in flame and burned to a crisp. then another hip was torn through as another ship tried to steer out of the way and collided with it. Just watching the domino effect of the demise of the once liked alien race brought tears to everyone’s eyes. Now the humans could rebuild their almost lost lives and no longer wonder if the next day could bring about the last day of the humans. Now the human race had finally found peace thanks to that team of people Bat: Joe, Dark: Jake, Wolf: Gary, Cut: Connor, Nate, and Savanna Belisle.

(end of book 4 and the Battlefield: 2078 series)

(Special thanks to my friend Nate for the book 4 story line and inspiring me to begin writing......yes Nate that means you/All of my friends who helped me when writers block had my nuts in a strangle hold/ and the people who didn't ask me for characters in my series)
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