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a vampire poem, from the POV (point of view) of the vampire to his lady-love

Had I not wished for hands before yours?
Had I not, on darker nights than this,
Yearned for kisses not from your lips?

Had I not feasted my eyes on paler flesh
Or my palate on more mellow wine
Than that which flows in your azure veins?

Why, then, do I flee from lesser mortals,
Pretty humans with chirping voices,
And hanker for your dulcet, midnight, tones?

Something aches deep--eons deep--
Within my thrice-damned soul
When I see you languish beneath another's spell.

Break from him;
Come to me.
Yes, just so--

In your eyes I see what I crave.
In the hollow of your slender, alabaster neck
I place the first of an infinity of kisses.
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