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Rated: E · Serial · Entertainment · #1245666
This is a story that I am writing.. pl visit http://drpenumbra.blogspot.com
Orgonus Novital

I have been putting away the task of writing this story for a long time... but now I have to keep up the promise that i made to the overseer...I will write this story .. updating it every weekend. For reasons that I cannot tell I have to make it seem like the story happened some where else. For the same reasons I cannot type real names.

Remember: You're not the only you.

Orgonus Novital awoke to the silence of his prison cell. Why he was imprisioned he did not remember. A long snake was strangling his neck, he was now swallowing it.

Orgonus Novital awoke to the silence of his single bed apartment. He was breating heavily. Asthama was not a easily curable disease in his case. Buy the time he popped the tablet that would sustain his breathing for another week, he was choking.

He looked at his wrist watch. It was the fourth of March twenty eighty nine. His twenty sixth birthday. He looked at the table that stood at the side of his bed, a large flat monitor displayed that he had recived hundred and ten emails. Whilst he was asleep his fans all around the world had been typing him messages. His opposers had been sending him hate mail. Whilst he was asleep, his room had been cleaned by the cleaner robot. This was, the robot had calculated, the most convinent time, since Orgonus would not be walking around on the floor.

sign of the overseer

Whilst he was asleep, some one else had planned to do something to him today.

He got up and went to the bath room, removing his clothes and putting them into the washing machine. The ration of water, for that day had already been filled in the bucket. He proceded to the shelf behind the mirror and took out a small container of cleansing nanobots. He dropped a small crystal from the box on his head and waited for it to clean his entire body. Similar nonobots were cleaning his clothes right now.

He took out an old fashioned trimmer and trimmed his facial hair. Inspite of having neck length hair on his head,
he did not like to grow it on his face.

After doing his other activities, he put on his clothes again. The same set he had dumped into the machine. It was clean now. He went back to the mirror to look at himself.

'Hello' his reflection talked to him

Orgonus was stunned.

Orgonus Novital was born on the fourth of March twenty six years back. Those were the times when the scientific community had started their 'Nano-Bio' revolution. The few decades before had seen vast changes in nano electronics and nanobio engineering. Water scarcity on every continent except some parts of Africa had lead to the rationing of water and hence commercialisation of nano bots which could clean clothes and human bodies. Independant power production was starting to change the way people used power. Long strands of special nanocarbon structures that produce voltages on vibration were used. Half of the world was going on aboout all this while the other half , below the poverty line was still eating food instead of nutrition paste and still using cellular phones to communicate, when their contemporaries elsewhere used imbeaded systems in their clothing. A large number of scientists and engineers were devising ways to bridge the gap. Among them was Jaset Novital.

Jaset had adopted Orgonus, and brought him up.

Orgonus' ethnicity was still a mystery. He had a deep tan bordering the ancient 'colored people' and his features were quite weird, large ears and long legs. Hawk like nose and silky black hair,

Jaset herself was a decendant of Asians who had migrated to the west a long time back. She rememberd her grandfather saying that they were Brahmins, though it still did not make any sense or difference that she came a long time ago from a far off land.

She was determined however to bring about change in the lifestye of people all around the world. And somewhere in her eccentric brain, it had struck her that matrimony was a bad decision.

Jaset's decision ensured that Orgonus received the best of education, at the best of institutes. She had been alive until he graduated in bio-molecular analysis research initiative program at the 'International Prodigy University'. She was not alive however when he received his honorary doctorate in mass communication; again from the Prodigy University.

It had not mattered to Orgonus however since he had stayed away from Jaset all his life.

'Hello' his reflection said.
'Hello' Orgonus replied
If there was one quality of Orgonus' that even his critics admired, it was his composure.

'So how are you'
'The Overseer said that you would not faint this time.' sarcasm
'This time?' query
'I tried to meet you once before'
'You did?'
'Yes' pause 'And you fainted.'
'I don't recollect anything like that' suspicion
'Naturally you would not'
'Hm mm'
'Anyway please visit the third one'
'What?' irritation
'What were you before you became the person you are now?' in the tone of how can u ever forget
'Why does it matter now?'
'Go and meet the third one'
No response.

Orgonus was trying to tell himself that his talking reflection was a hallucinatory effect of a restless night.

'You will meet the third one. The Overseer knows.' pause
The reflection was staring at himm.
The mirror now showed his real reflection.
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