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a rhyming poem about a place in fantasy and magical lore (Best of Best contest entry)
Lavender Shore

There is a rumoured land of gardens
Just beyond the world that we know,
Where mortal joys and sorrows harden
Into flowers that in the moonlight glow,
And both the proud and meek ask pardon
From the mortal coil, for there once to stroll.

Sweetest music from the celestial spheres
Cannot compare with the flowers’ song.
Angel’s trumpets greet the jaded ear
Through the day and all night long.
Snowbells and bells of coral—hear!—
Peal to the rhythm of the conductor’s baton.

Colours of this world that we love and know
Are limited to the rainbow’s hues—
Red, indigo, violet, orange and yellow,
And Nature’s favourites—greens and blues.
But there, amidst the lavender and wild honeysuckle,
A spectrum of nameless tints the very air imbues.

Such fragrance as would set your senses all awry
(Delectable scents and luscious flavours wildly blended)
To make you think of ambrosia or manna from on high,
Like rich earth, or salt sea, or rain lightly-scented—
Sensations so fundamental that none can deny,
(Akin to the first kiss for a heart’s sole intended).

To reach this rumoured land of gardens,
One needs to board a little ramshackle boat,
For Courage is needed for the task undertaken
And one steers by the stars for the Lavender Coast.
Fear not the squalls nor by tempests be shaken;
Be guided by the star that goes by the name of Hope.

And once the Lavender Shore is in sight,
(If you reach the coast together, you’ll never again be alone),
Be certain to row with all your might,
(For not too long out of the mortal coil must one roam)
And once you land and stroll together through the night,
This you’ll know for Truth: Wherever you are, is Home.

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