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Nirvanas Gate Poetry interviews an outstanding rock and roll musician Dee Girard.
Interviews At The Gate

Dee Girard, Speaking at the Gate

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Nirvanas Gate Interviews Dee Girard

Wednesday, April 11th, 2007

Today, we kick off our interview series with a talented, dynamic musician,

Dee Girard has just released his first CD titled: “Waiting on the Gods”, and we  at Nirvanas Gate Poetry feel that the potential behind this work is of great importance.

After listening to the CD and the albums title track “Waiting on the Gods”

We feel that this is a poignant work that needs to be recognized and explored further.

Dee Girard has graciously agreed to grant us an interview and to discuss his New CD,

“Waiting on the Gods.”

Nirvanas Gate:

Dee Girard, Thank you for taking the time with us today to discuss your new album.

Dee Girard:

  Thank you Bill for asking me to do this interview and for your interest in the album.

Nirvanas Gate: Dee, Nirvanas Gate has been a long time fan of your music. And for our readers understanding of this, Can you tell us how long you have been playing and performing?

Dee Girard:

  I have been around since they first invented fire Bill. Actually I helped them invent it. See I practiced the scales so fast that my guitar would begin to smolder then if you blew on it it would begin to flame. No not really…I began playing drums at age 8, taking lessons from Darrell Deedad here in Erie, PA. Then at age 12 began playing the ‘lectric geetar. All in all I’ve been playing and performing for a long long long time…over 20 years.

Nirvanas Gate: Where and how long did it take to produce and record “Waiting on the Gods?”

Dee Girard:

  Waiting on the gods took 3 years to write and record. I did all of the recording in my own studio at Manu Cornuta Records in Erie. Everything you hear on the album is me…I’m kind of a control freak and wanted to be able to complete this project without having to deal with other egos. Mine is actually enough to have to deal with. (HUGE!)

Nirvanas Gate: Your craftsmanship definitely shows in your music and lyrics, Can you tell us what some of your earliest musical influences were, when you first started playing?

Dee Girard:

  The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, The Rolling Stones, Clapton, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, and many others but these are my earliest influences.

Nirvanas Gate: How difficult is it to launch a new CD today via the internet and by word of mouth? Given the plethora of media out there today, what makes your music worth Buying? Besides the dynamic lyrics, the stellar guitar riffs and lead solos; what is it that you want your Fan base to know about this album?

Dee Girard:

  The album was released to satisfy a fundamental urge to create. I think that without big money behind any work of art it will largely be ignored by the masses. I really don’t care how many albums get sold but I do care that the songs get out there where people can appreciate and enjoy them. I write for myself and want to share it with others. If the art is important and speaks truth it will stand on its own merit. In this day of digital everything it seems as though it would be easy to release an album and get it to the people but it is exactly the opposite. There is so much music available that it gets confusing and overwhelming at the same time. I truly believe that the day of the traveling minstrel is coming back. When a musician or any artist for that matter will share his art for some food and a drink. People still crave live music and that is where I want to be some day. Playing live for the people.

Nirvanas Gate:  I know you have been happily married for a good many years now, what does your family think of your music? Talk to us a little about their supporting roles in this undertaking.

Dee Girard:

  My Wife Suzi has suffered for many years as I have struggled to find my voice. She has always stood beside me and given me the time and opportunity to continue with my dream. My kids think it’s great and they like my music a lot. I really am grateful to my father for insisting that I start out on the drums. Having rhythm taught to me as a young child has been invaluable in my progression as a multi-instrumentalist.

Nirvanas Gate: After listening to your Title track, “Waiting on the Gods” I was moved by the sense of perseverance this song eludes to, also the frustration that comes with being an artist whether it is a musician, poet, or painter. There are definitely many truths revealed in this Track with regards to your personal life.

Would I be correct in that assumption? 

Dee Girard:

  Absolutely Bill. All my songs come from deep emotions and experiences. Each has a story and when I listen to them I can recall the exact circumstances that evoked that particular song. I only sing words that I believe. That is one thing that sets my music apart. You can understand the lyrics and they mean something. That is very important to me in my writing.

Nirvanas Gate: Are you planning on any public engagements (concerts) (shows) to plug

“Waiting on the Gods?”

Dee Girard:

  At this time I need to get back into the studio and record a follow up disc. I have been spending a lot of time mixing and perfecting Waiting on The Gods and need to create some more music. I want to see if I can do it again and this time I want to dig deeper and write some songs that will make the listener bleed when he hears them. I will be doing a few acoustic performances this summer and will keep you posted.

Nirvanas Gate: Dee it has been an extreme pleasure to discuss your new CD, “Waiting on the Gods.” Nirvanas Gate Wishes you all the best of luck with your new release of “Waiting on the Gods.”

Dee Girard:

  Thanks a lot Bill. It has been a pleasure. Good luck to you also on all your endeavors. Remember…all we really have is TODAY!

Nirvanas Gate: Dee Girard’s new CD, “Waiting on the Gods” Is available at http://deegirard.com/index.cfm and is on sale for $9.00 plus shipping and handling. Mention this article and get it shipped for free!

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