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Describes how Love has metamorphosed the lover/beloved--a bilingual poem

I was a mere frozen flame,
But your touch did me inflame.

I was just a thought abstract,
You made me into a fact.

I was but a hazy trace,
You came and gave me a face.

I was pure melancholy,
You rendered my life jolly.

I was a dormant desire,
You came and kindled a fire.

I was just meaningless words,
You wrote them into a verse.

* Written in aabb 7-7 format.
* Initially written as item 697087, which was deleted on 30 March 2005 and replaced by entry no. 351032 in the book BILINGUAL POETRY "BILINGUAL POETRY BOOK. Posted as the present item on 12 April 2007.

* Awarded First Prize in Picky Poetry Contest, "Invalid Item, Week 40, May 2007

M C Gupta
April 21, 2003


* Translated from the original poem in Hindi, given below in both Roman and Hindi scripts--.


Mein lau thi kewal jami hui,
Chetan tum ne kar diya mujhe.

Mein to thi kewal bhav magar,
Tathya tum ne kar diya mujhe.

Mein to thi kewal dhuan matr,
tum ne saroop kar diya mujhe.

ek ashru boond thee main keval,
Muskaan aho kar diya mujhe.

Icchha ankur thi mein kewal,
Shobhit pallav kar diya mujhe.

Mein to thi kewal shabda aaj,
Kavita tum ne kar diya mujhe.

कविता तुम ने कर दिया मुझे
मैं लौ थी केवल जमी हुयी
चेतन तुम ने कर दिया मुझे

मैं तो थी केवल भाव मगर
तथ्य तुम ने कर दिया मुझे

मैं तो थी केवल धुआं मात्र
तुम ने सरूप कर दिया मुझे

एक अश्रु बून्द थी मैं केवल
मुस्कान अहो कर दिया मुझे

इच्छा अंकुर थी मैं केवल
शोभित पल्लव कर दिया मुझे

मैं तो थी केवल शब्द आज
कविता तुम ने कर दिया मुझे.

महेश चन्द्र गुप्त खलिश
२१ अप्रेल २००३
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