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by Luna
Rated: 13+ · Outline · Young Adult · #1247128
its more of a forrbiden love type story and wiccan falls in love with a vampire.
When Stranger’s Meet

My life was so boring until this new kid came to town. I was sitting in English class. Writing what the homework was in my notebook so I didn’t forget. Suddenly there was a disturbance in the class
“Excuse me?” he said kind of quietly
I turned my head to see who it was, and oh god, he was gorgeous. He looked so pale but handsome. Beautiful jet black hair that was like he was Dracula. With pure green eyes like emeralds He was thin and muscular. He had an AFI t-shirt on with black baggy jeans, but not to baggy.
“Yes.” Said Mr. Madison
He walked over towards Mr. Madison’s stand and gave a note to the teacher. Mr. Madison glanced at the not than at the boy. “Very well” he said, signing the note and giving it back to the boy. “You may sit behind Amara” he said pointing at me. I sank in my desk. He walked towards me, than about half way he stopped. He looked at me kind of funny with a grin on his face, than continued walking towards me and sat behind me. I had a feeling that he was staring at me the whole time.
I eventually turned around to introduce myself when the class got free time. When I looked at him and started to speak, he gave me a dirty look. I turned around sort of confused, I smelled my hair. It smelled like vanilla my favorite shampoo. So I just ignored him for the rest of the hour. The bell finally rang it felt like an eternity, until it rang.
I went to my locker to get the rest of my homework, than walked out of the hell hole they call school to my car and drove to work. I work for a Wicca school. I teach little witches or warlocks how to do the basic magic. It wasn’t much money but I got the job done.
As soon as I was done I had to correct some papers and talk to some of my friends about the Wicca meeting on Friday night.
“I herd there going to be a mystery guest there.” Lydia said as we were walking to our cars.
“Yeah, I herd that to.” I said gloomily. My mind was thinking about that boy.
“You alright?’ she asked.
“Yeah, why?” I answered.
“Nothing just wondering sees you tomorrow at school right?” she said.
“Yeah sure, merry part” I said walking towards my car
“Merry part!” she shouted.
I continued to think about that boy while driving home. There was something odd about him. I don’t get why he looked at me funny. It was like I’ve seen him before but I don’t know where.
The next day, Lydia and I were sitting at our usually table. Talking about the Wicca meeting until our other two friends came to the table. The boy was sitting at the far table way towards the dark of the cafeteria, with a tray of food in front of him that he wasn’t touching. I just looked at him, until Lydia got my attention.
“Amara, Amara…are you in there?” she asked looking at me
“Yeah, I’m here. Just thinking.” I said looking at her pretty face.
“Okay whatever you say, so what are you bringing to the Wicca meeting on Friday?” she asked casually.
“I don’t know.” I said looking towards the boy again.
She continued to babble on like a normal blonde would. Yet she doesn’t know when to shut the hell up. I continued eating my lunch slowly and listening to my babble headed friend.
During English class the boy tapped me on my shoulder blade and asked, “You want to be partners on the English project?”
I turned around to look in his breath taking eyes and answered slowly, “Yes.”
As soon as class was over he said he meet me in the library in 5 minutes. So I went into the library and found a quiet spot where nobody was around. Lucky me I had the day off of work.
“Hey Amara.” The boy said which his name is Alexander.
“Hi.” I said shyly looking away.
We did some work on Phantom of the Opera and got to know each other better. He lived in Washington with his foster parents, brother, and sisters. His dad is a doctor at an ER and his mom is a journalist. So he’s rich in many ways and very cute.
Later after we finish half the project he wanted to show me something. He led me outside to this narrow passageway by the school. Not many people go there. I looked around and than eventually turn towards him. He looked so different; his eyes were completely red with some kind of anger. I just stared at him and I wasn’t even scared. Before I knew it he had me pinned to one of the walls and I wasn’t even going to scream.
“Why aren’t you scared?” he asked harshly.
I just stared at him with big eyes.
“Why the hell aren’t you scared?” He shouted and shaking me.
“I don’t find you scary at all you know.” I said so quietly but I knew he herd me.
His eyes went back to beautiful breath emerald color. He finally release me and looked away ashamed.
“What are you?” I asked quietly.
“Nothing forget it” he said harshly
He walked to his car. Got in and drove away really fast. I just sat there on the ground like an idiot. It was about dark when I finally got up and walk to my car still in confusion. I was trying to figure out why his eyes turn red and why he had me pinned against the wall.
The next day Alexander ignored me almost the whole day. I don’t get how he could hate me so fast; I didn’t do a damn thing. Finally in English class he talked to me.
“Amara?” he asked in a quiet voice.
“What?” I said harshly which I didn’t intend to do.
“Are you going to tell anyone about last night?” he asked in a regret tone.
“No, I don’t have time to file complains I work way too much to worry about what happens to me.” I said in a snotty tone. I turned back around so I can do my work. I had a feeling he was watching me the whole time.
Later in lunch I was sitting with my friends drinking a bottle of water and talking about the Wicca ceremony coming up.
"Alexander is looking at you Amara." Lydia said still looking past me.
I turned to look at him and he just stared at me, than unexpectedly he motion has had to tell me to go over there.
"Oh someone has a crush on you!!!' Lydia said excitedly.
I don't really date much at all. I don't like doing that stuff. So I got up and went to see what he wanted. I had a feeling that Lydia was staring at my back the whole time with caution eyes.
"Sit with me today." he said in a demanding voice.
I sat without complain, I just stared at him.
"So you’re not mad at me or anything?" he asked
"I don’t have time to be mad at many people, life is to short for being mad at people" I responded kind of quick.
He looked at me in shock and confusion. “Why is that” he asked kind of quiet.
"I just think it’s a big waste to be mad at people." I said.
Ding! Ding! The bell rang; lunch was over time for 6th hour, great.
6th hour band was a drag for me. I really love playing the clarinet it’s just that I don't talk to anyone in band that much because nobody else bass clarinet with me. 7th hour Alexander was gone, I wonder where he went. I was anxious to see him but he wasn't there at all. So it seemed English was slower than usually. God Mr. Madison can go on and about the most stupid shit. Ding! Ding! I quickly grabbed my stuff and went to my locker. I looked inside, looked at the photos of my friends and family. Gosh I miss those times. I looked at the pictures of my family and me in Florida on the beach. That was so much fun, my mom was sunburn. I looked at one picture of Lydia and me at the park we were with our boyfriends (shocker we both had boyfriends at the same time) and were hugging them. I shut the locker after I got my books and went to my car.
“Amara?” said a strange voice behind me when I got to my care. I turned around and looked to see who it was but I dropped my keys. So I bent downed and picked them up and looked around to see who was behind me. It was him, beautiful muscular Alexander.
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