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by Nadine
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Should they have let Imus go?
      Why do we let people like Al Sharpton dictate how we are supposed to feel and what needs to be done about it? I was never a big Imus fan. I think he’s very opinionated and usually I didn’t agree with his opinions.  What did I do about it? I didn’t listen to his show. What a concept! If you find something on the radio that’s objectionable, then change the channel. Do the same with television or any other form of entertainment.  If you don’t like rap music, then don’t listen to it and don’t buy it.  That’s how you show your support or lack thereof. We have freedom of speech without actually having the freedom to speak.

      Did anyone question Mr. Sharpton about his ethics before heeding his suggestion calling for Imus’ head on the chopping block? I don’t think so.  If they did they would have realized what a headline grabbing, bandwagon jumping, loud mouth idealist he is.  Remember the Tawana Brawley case? He was quick to jump to her rescue when she accused white men of raping her. But, he never apologized or made any restitution when the truth came out and it was learned she was lying. He was a major contributor in destroying the lives of innocent men and never answered to anyone about it. Yet, when he decides to rant and drag someone else through the mud, we just let him.  I’m ashamed I didn’t do more than I did. Maybe it’s time more people stand up against hypocrisy before all of our rights are gone.
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