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This piece speaks of how the strong in this life will survive and how to stay strong.

Today, as I was traveling home from Eugene, Oregon, I noticed several ewes walking along a dirt laden path fenced off beside the highway. Towards the end were a couple of tiny, almost hairless baby lambs running for their lives to catch up to their parents far ahead of them. I noticed the adults were carelessly moving in the direction of the dinner bell I am presuming, yet the lambs seemed to have a mission in mind.It is like they knew they had to keep up or lose out. They were driven by a fierce sense of surviving.
How tiny their legs were yet some of them steamed ahead as if running in a marathon. A couple tragically lagged far behind and would stop once in a while to rest. As I watched the strong steam ahead with careful strides quickly narrowing the vast distance between themselves and their parents, the slackers left behind, seemed to almost give up and confusingly searched wearily for another path to take.
This so clearly reminds me of how only the strong will survive in this world. Be it fighting for our physical lives due to illness or disease, emotionally arguing with our dysfunction and the woundings of our pasts, or wrestling vicariously against the powers of hell itself in the here and now.
The Lord said for us to be strong and of good courage, and not to be afraid, for He is with us, Deut. 31:6. And if He is with us, who could ever be against us? Our strength comes from the Lord on high, and it is His strength which will be sufficient in our times of weakness.
The strong will certainly survive, if we remain grounded in Him, putting Him first above all else Matt. 6:33and trusting only in Him. We cannot lean on our own understanding because God Himself is the only One worthy of our trust. People will fail us and betray us, but God will never leave us or forsake us. What reassuring words we can stand on, and keep standing.
Because the strong lambs wholeheartedly run the race without giving up, victory is theirs because and the unmistakable driving force behind them keeps them moving forward, closer and closer to Jesus.
The strong will survive .... and great shall be their reward in heaven.
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