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I am writing my views about Breakfast at Tiffany's.
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I love Audrey Hepburn's movie Breakfast at Tiffany's. This movie takes place in New York. I love her in the famous black dress that sold for $800,000 dollars recently and the pearls and she had her hair in a French Twist on top of her head gave her height and beauty. George Peppard was so young and handsome. Audrey's character Holly felt she didn't belong anywhere and she was trying to find her place in society. She has an annoying Japanese neighbor {played by Mickey Rooney} and friends that are rich. She had a beautiful orange cat that she called cat that she had found by the river. She felt that he didn't belong to anyone, either.

George's character Paul had a married woman who took care of him. He was a writer. He developed a friendship with Holly and learned that she had an ex-husband{played by Buddy Ebsen who we all loved as Jed Clampett} who was twenty some years older then her. Holly was happy to see him but didn't want to move back to Tennesee so he left without her. It was so cute when Holly and Paul stoled masks from a dime store and ran down the street. This was so cute and funny. Paul broke off his relationship with his married girlfriend.

I love that the song Moon River played through all the movie. Audrey looked so cute sitting at her window dressed in regular jeans and a top playing a guitar singing Moon River. Her cat would sleep in the sink and jump on the bed to be petted when the phone rang. Holly doesn't realize that she is falling in love with Paul. She wants to marry a rancher from Brazil but when she is caught up in a scandal, the rancher no longer wants to marry her. Paul asked her to marry him but she says no. She and Paul are in a taxi with her suitcases packed on the way to the airport for her to catch a plane in Brazil. It is raining and Paul hands her the telegram with the news that her rancher boyfriend no longer wishes to marry her. She is crying and makes the driver stops the taxi and throws out the cat in the rain in New York City. She claims she doesn't belong to anyone and cat doesn't, either. She says the cat should be free. The poor cat doesn't know what to do as he sits by a black cast iron fence. Paul gives Holly her engagement ring and tells the driver to stop the car and he goes back to look for cat. As Holly picks the engagement ring, she realizes that someone does love her and she loves Paul, too and her kitty. She gets out of the taxi and runs to Paul asking where cat is. She calls for cat in the rain and she finds him in an alley hiding between boxes{by this time, I am crying pretty bad!} and she picks up the cat and hugs him. As she and Paul embrace and kiss, she is holding the cat. This is romance and the cat, the rain and the love scene makes it a good ending. If you love Audrey Hepburn, you will love this movie. It has comedy and romance. This is Audrey's best and my favorite of hers. It will also remind you of life in the 60's. I do hope that who ever reads this, will love the movie like I do. Audrey lives on in this classic. I am not sure why is called Breakfast at Tiffany's but I guess it means Holly finally found who and what she wanted out of life. She is looking in the windows of Tiffany's in the beginning of the movie. I love this movie and I know where the song Moon River comes from, too. Audrey will live forever in our hearts.

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