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I finally got to sit down. It was quiet and I was alone...
What's that Racket?

word count: 688

I finally got to sit down. All the kids had gone on a nature walk and the husband was taking a nap. Peace, oh glorious silence. I couldn't decide what to do with my precious gift. Perhaps a nap, a chocolate bar and a good old chick flick. And then it happened the most horrendous noise. The smoke billowed in the open sliding door. I jumped up to investigate just in time to run into the most adorable robot.
Adorable, but pissed!

"I can't believe this dorgnot! This is the third time this week when I get my hands on those mechanics only He will be able to save them!"

It was about the size of my three year old and had the most endearing glowing blue eyes. I was astonished that I understood as much of what it was saying as I did.

Have you never watched Star Trek? he quipped. It's called a universal translator and it is integral to my circuitry."

Wow not only can I understand him but he can read my mind.

"Yes, I can and I must say it's not the most intriguing read."

It all of a sudden occurred to me, he must have crashed, he might be hurt. Are you..

"yes,yes I'm fine, just a whopper of a headache from shaking up my neural net. And my name is Shoelish. Amanda, that's what you are called, interesting.
That is an insult in my world." "No matter", he paused, do you have a computer I might borrow?" "Well, do you?"

"Oh, sorry" I blurted out "I thought you'd read my mind."

"I did but all you were thinking was that I would be reading your mind." "So the computer?"

I brought him into the office. Within seconds the backyard was bathed in the most beautiful blue light and he was gone.

Wow, I thought as the blue light faded. What just happened here? Did I just have a close encounter of the third kind? Or have I finally lost it? There was a loud tapping behind me.

"Ahem... I'm not gone I was just making a communication with home and needed some privacy. Don't worry though I'll be leaving you soon."

"There is so much that I want to ask you. Where are you from? How did you get here? What is a dorgnot?" I blurted out like a star struck school girl.

"OK slow down and I'll tell you what I can. I'm from a star about 16 light-years from here. I got here in a ship not all that different from your space shuttles and a dorgnot is the same as an a**ho**. Do you have any Pepsi? I just love Pepsi and I'm so dry!"

"Sure, I'll get you some." I ran to the kitchen as fast that I could fearing that he'd be gone before I returned. I grabbed a small bottle and a glass and returned to the living room. Shoelish was playing on the kids PS2 and laughing in the most endearing way. "Here's your Pepsi."
"Thanks" he said as he poured it into a drawer-like opening in the center of his chest. "I really do love Pepsi. It's better then anything we have at home."

We talked and laughed for what seemed like and eternity when all of a sudden the blue light returned.

"That’s my jimbo" he said "I'll have to be leaving you now. If you would like, I can visit with you again." he paused and added "Good , next time I'll bring the lilas if you don't mind. They have been dying to try out "Jack and Daxter"

"Goodbye, Shoelish, it was a pleasure meeting you."

"And you as well, Amanda, until next time." With that the blue light enveloped him and he was truly gone.

Within moments my husband came into the room. I wanted to tell him all about my meeting with the adorable robot but I thought better of it.

"Amanda, he bellowed , can't a man even take a nap in his own home? What was all that racket?"
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