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I was in the grocery store one day and noticed a man staring at me I looked at him .
I've always wanted to have a voice but could never find one.  As a young child I felt like I didn't have one.  As we begin to raise our children let us not forget that they are children let them have a voice.  We sometimes think that children have nothing to say because of their ages but truly they do have something to say.  I was reading to my aunt's 5 year old and realized that she could read just as much as I did or better.  We have to stop thinking that our children voices are filled with air.  If we sit down and just listen to what they have to say we can learn a great deal from.
They are young and don't understand the things we understand but we have to try to give then a chance to prove themselves.  Children can absorb things a lot better than we can often be our third hear when needed.  That's why it is so important that we teach to speak when we are not around them to interact with people.  At their early stages it is important that they makes and learn to share and bond.  We can't shelter them forever as much as we would like to but we have teach them love not hate.
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