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A tribute to those who perished at Virginia Tech on April 16 -2007

A cold snowy day in April
Just another day on campus, getting ready for class, surfing the web,
Talking on our cells, classes at 8:00

But not this day this will be no ordinary day.  This day will sadly instead

Will live in infamy and be remembered as the darkest day in U.S history.

The air is deathly silent ominous something strange is in the air.
Then the bonechilling sound of gunfire shatters the peaceful stillness
Of a tranquil Virginia college town.  When it is over 33 lie victims of a madmans

Rampage.  Bright candles that went forth  with the intent to light their worlds,

Are forever extinguished before they even had a chance to shine.

The tears of April are falling again as they have fallen so many times before 

Unstoppable, heartwrenching tears for other dark April days

Echoed in other senseless, mindnumbing, tragedies such as Oklahoma City,

Waco and terrible school tragedy at Columbine, which is about to mark its

Fourth Anniverssary very soon.

Changing the world forever just like on this day.  Our minds can hardely

Concievethe magnitude of this awful tragedy,

Only that our world, our lives have been

Shattered by violence once again and we are numb with fear.

The tears fall freely for the students and teachers of our hallowed halls of

Higher learning who will never walk these halls again,

Teach a class or even answer a question or even see the

Beloved faces of their friends and family when they

Come home again. They have come home instead to be with their god.

Another senseless school tragedy paints its somber colors

On the canvas of our lives as the bitter tears of April

Fall down our cheeks to mingle with our already grief-stricken hearts

We ask ourselves how much more grief and loss can we as a nation endure?

We wonder if there are any tears left in us to cry as we sink weeping to our

Knees on yet another heartbreaking April day.

As if in recognition of our collective grief,

It snowed on this day for no reason I think god,

Heaven and his Angels were grieving too.

Written by Yvonne Feezle
on April 16 -2007


This is humbly dedicated to the students, faculty, friends and family
of Virginia Tech who were touched personally by this awful, senseless tragedy
Our deepest heartfelt condolences to you in this very difficult time.
Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you...
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