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by 627
Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Drama · #1250054
A five dollar bill's journey through a Friday night. 4/18/07 Writer's Cramp winner.
The five-dollar bill, DE36883560A, led an interesting existence. It left the bank in the hands of a highly-paid executive man, James. He led a seemingly normal life, except every Friday night he met with an expensive prostitute, Candy, at his house while his wife was taking their son to soccer practice. Normally, he paid with big bills. On this Friday however, he didn’t have any. He had to scrounge together all the money he could to pay off Candy. This includes our friend DE36883560A.

A large sum of Candy’s money went into drugs. She uses crack, meth, and heroin among others. That night, after meeting with her client, Candy went to her coke dealer, Damon, to replenish her supply. She met her dealer at his apartment deep in the city. Normally, the dealer did not like people coming to his house, but the she was a good friend of his. Candy also normally paid in big bills, but since her client hadn’t supplied her with any, she had to use DE36883560A to get her night’s worth of cocaine.

James was particularly busy on this night. One of his suppliers had recently been killed, so his stash had been particularly low over the past few days. This led to a lot of pissed off customers. He had been working hard to get more coke through friends of friends. He then put even more work into getting his angry customers their supply at a discount price. This meant he would struggle for a little, but it would pay off in the long run. Money, coke, and bags were spread all over the table. James was frantically finishing up with his packing job and was about to head out the door to meet with his clients. He was starting to grow tired from all this work. He took DE36883560A from next to him, wound him up like a cigarette, and snorted some coke to energize himself. He then quickly finished up and headed out the door. But before he headed out, he stopped at 7-11 for some cigarettes. DE36883560A was used to make the transaction.

The man, in line behind the coke dealer, Giovanni, was there to rob the store. As soon as he got the front, he held up the cashier and asked for all the money. The frightened cashier rapidly complied with his demand. She put all the money into a bag that Giovanni held open. DE36883560A was one of the lucky bills to be put inside. Giovanni then ran out of the store with the bag in hand. A few blocks down, he tripped and the bag fell on the ground. Some money fell out, so he quickly shoved a pile back in, got up, and sprinted away. DE36883560A and some change were left behind however.

A sad twelve-year old boy was walking a block away. He had been sent out by his mother to get some milk. On the way to the store, he noticed a new WWE Bobby Lashley action figure he wanted. The action figure was ten dollars, but the boy only had six dollars of his own money. He would have asked his mom, but he felt bad because he knew she was struggling with money. So he drudged past the store, only to find DE36883560A lying on the ground a few feet later. The boy looked up into the sky, sure that God had bestowed this miracle upon him. Elated, the boy picked up DE36883560A and went to buy his beloved action figure.

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