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A poem written for a friend's mother.
(Written for David Bahle’s mother)

From my earliest childhood days,
Your voice has sounded in my heart
And echoed through my soul,
Sending soft sounds of guidance.

Your voice, your touch, your eyes
Are with me always,
Pushing, guiding, leading,
Setting my feet on the proper paths,

Showing me the way,
The way to go and what to do.
I could not always obey
But I knew what you wished for me.

And what you gave to me was something
They call unconditional love,
Sweet, sheltering protective love,
And it warmed me through my soul.

Your hands like lifting, lilting doves
Worked hard for me each day.
I saw your labor, felt your fears,
And prayed you would not cry.

You’re a mother, a caregiver, a woman wise.
You, and other parents like you, work
And build the world of life,
But you were the one who cared for me.

You are the best I’ve ever known.
You’ll dwell forever in my heart,
In a sweet sanctuary prepared for you
Where I can keep you safe.

I love you, Mom, remember that
Through all the years to be
For all I am comes from you
And what you gave to me.
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