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“Pick me one thing, this thing I shall like.”

There are many things that I like in the world of me, Stimmy. But there are also many things that I hate. My job tonight, is to pick one thing in my life that I like or enjoy and write a 200-500 piece of text about it. Here it goes:
There are so many things that I could choose. How on earth can I choose just one? I could write about my boyfriend and discuss how amazing I think he is and how he’s changed my views on the world, but that would be kind of…boring? I could also write about my favorite movie or something, which I think, would be boring as well. So I’ve decided to write about a trend that I like. Not many people like this trend, but they think more of the stereotype, and not what it actually means. I like emo. Yes I said it, emo, which stands for emotional if you didn’t know.
I like the music that comes under the emo name. What is so wrong about that? Scream me a love song I say. Most of the stereotype comes from emo music. In emo lyrics, they sing about self-harm and things like that, that’s where the stereotype comes from, you know, the crying all the time and slitting your wrists. I really hate that.
I also like the clothing trend that comes with emo. The black pants and the band name top, with the Converse shoes, strange piercing and haircuts. Very…sexy.
There are many reasons why I like the trend emo. I think it is the best way I can express myself with out feeling I’m pretending to be someone I’m not. Without feeling like a fake.
I don’t think this piece of writing will get very far, but I had a go, and to me, it isn’t about winning, it’s about getting in, putting yourself out there, and having a go.
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