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1st place in Writers Cramp. How can Dawn check her appearance.

Dawn decided to check her appearance before she went out for the evening.
Robert”, she asked,
Tell me what I look like.
Robert looked at her appraisingly, knowing that he would have to be accurate and honest, whilst guessing what mood she was in tonight. Annoying Dawn before they even left the apartment would bode ill for him. Her youthful appearance did not fool him, he would use the expression in her eyes to gauge the whim in control today. Was that playfulness? He did hope so.
In his usual slightly pompous manner, he began.
Well, light of my darkness, tonight, you are looking very young, about 15, I would say, and your hair is especially full and frothy. That dark auburn really suits you well. Your pallor is most becoming and allows your dark brown eyes to shine out. Is that mascara? - your eyelashes appear especially long tonight. No freckles, I see, I approve of that, they made you look so young, which I do find difficult when we are out together. Your skin looks soft as always. May I touch? - no, oh well, better not then.
Dawn looked irritated,
I meant my clothes”.
Sorry, dear one. Your clothes then, of course, I should have known that. Forgive your foolish old teacher for his folly. Your dress fits you very well, I like the way you have shortened it, most fetching, the tear is nearly even. Are you going to be dancing tonight then? On the tables again? Hmm, how charming. Velvet and lace, a little clichéd maybe, but I do love the textures when I am holding you. No tights, no stockings, no ...... oh dear, should you? Well if that's what you want, I suppose.
Oh dear.
You really must wear some shoes. I insist. If you want to dance, I suggest the black plimsolls, or maybe the dark velvety ones that match your dress. No coat?, well, you won't notice the cold, but it is December, people will stare you know? Oh, that's the point,

He brightened visibly, he had found the key. Dawn was hungry, of course she wanted to be noticed. Now he knew where they would start the night. It would be a nightclub, Goth, of course where she would blend in, invisible in the darkness and crush, but noticeable to some poor fool, who would satisfy her tonight. He, however, would stand out in his chalkdusty corduroy jacket.
I'll just go change” he murmured, as he left the room.
Dawn smiled her little girl lost smile. She had got her look just right tonight, but then she usually did. Tomorrow, she might be a schoolgirl. That always embarrassed Robert, but amused her. She had managed very well, even without mirrors.
After all, every life has a few drawbacks, not even a vampire can escape that.

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