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The shadow of the Kamato space jail reflected through Earth's moon as it lowered down to Gruvah space docks to transport the prisoners back to Earth's surface.

The huge machine locked up into the dock and a great crowd of aliens and prisoners walk out. A guy with a whip started whipping on every prisoner's back, shouting: "Welcome to Gruvah!!" As the two gigantic guards pushed them into single cells with doors of cutting razor-sharp metal bars. Max Saiin walked silently between the crowd, gently working a piece of metal on his chains to release the locks.

"Hey, human." A guard stopped him. He then noticed he had separated from the crowd and was entering a private space with natural gravity, which explained the upset stomach. "Where are you going?"

Max stopped in his tracks. "Sorry, I must have wandered out."

"Things are different here, you know?" The guard pushed him back into the crowd. Where he finished to unhook the chain and ran back, attacking the guard, pushing it into the metal wall, technically punching him and running off. "Damn!"

The other guard followed Max through the crowd.

"Stop that goddamn human!" He cried, pulling his gun out.

The last thing Max remembered was the tall, wide general standing over him, smiling.

"Welcome to the US Air Force, little bastard!" He said.

---Where am I?---

---Hey, wake up, maggot---

---What the hell?---

---Audition's on, wake up.---

Max opened his eyes and saw that he was in one of those cheap cells with natural gravity. He sat up in the metal bed and heard the door open up. The general walked inside, followed by two armed Guards from the US air Force and a little, en curved alien, with a sad face, this last was Maggus.

"Your time is done, maggot, time to impress the president." General said and smiled.

One of the guards, the one Max had attacked also smiled, a tooth was missing. "You're a good fighter, let's see how you do in a real Arena."

Max was forced into a dressing room, forced into an armor and forced into a big arena, filled by the prisoners of Kamato.

On the other side, a Dumahn was released, a big and ferocious alien dog ready to slice him up if he didn't make his moves right, his only weapons, his mittens.

"Oh, damn." Max saw the beast accelerate to his position, his large fangs aiming his way, and it's long nails digging up... getting closer... Max acted fast, when the three feet mouth was right on top of his head, he put his left hand on the lower jaw, the right one on its upper one, he forced it open, even wider open, until he heard the crack. He had broken the canine jaw wide open.

The dog fell to the floor, flat in the ground and Max washed his hands on its fur.

"Today's you unlucky day, pal." He laughed and jumped in joy.

Then came the next assault, without a warning, Max was tipped to the ground by the guard he'd fought before, he'd jumped on top of Max with a dagger and tried to hurt him, improving his attack, Max nudged his nose.

"OH." The guard fell back, a bell rang as the guard got up to greet Max. "Welcome to the US Air Force."

"What about my sentence?" Max wasn't even heard and he was put away from th booing crowd.

---Welcome son, just sign in there and you'll be welcome---

---What about prison? I killed a man.---

---You'll kill more than one on your first mission, ready, son?---

---I guess so---

Max walked into the US Air Force primary ship, the SS Moonlight.

"Whoa." He gasped.

Author's Note: The comic only sells in PR, so if you live out of it, you won't find it anywhere, if you want to buy one, just e-mail me.  Keep on with the coming episodes of The Goddess.

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