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LOL It sounds like a rap song or something.
Teens these days
don't seem to know what true love is,
and don't seem to care;
On one shoulder is a little red guy with a fork
and on the other a beating heart.
They claim life is so unfair...
Thinking running away to New York
will fix it all, when it really adds
pain and they're back at the start.
They claim life is so unfair...
Begin with complaints,
following with action;
They leave and say they'll never be back,
when they call and want to know
why this had happened to them?
Nothing ever gives any satisfaction
and when they've been gone long enough,
their minds begin to wrack
with hurt and confusion – why is life so unfair?
Their life is one big question mark;
All this drama really did stem
from their rebellion and hate
of the rules – so black and white and stark!
And when they begin to wonder
if maybe, just perhaps, they were wrong in the first place,
it's too late and they're stuck,
and life is always going to be this rough.
Life IS unfair, child, and though you may
have a few things come to you easy,
don't get used to it; Don't ever take it for granted.
Life is so unfair - I know it is, my dear child,
but you learn to deal. Learn to deal with
pain and it's like they say, no pain
no gain and don't ever take joy for granted.
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