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What is time?
Time is the span of one moment, grasped in thought, in imagination. It lasts an eternity, and is gone in an instant, there and here, lost unless held onto. Time is looking at the stars, and getting lost in the heavens. Time is the measure of the life we’re living, the passage of our lives.

In essence, time is everything…vibrant colors, violating the senses and fading away, the pungent scents drifting through a cool autumn breeze. The sensations of running your fingertips over sandpaper and cool metal, and sinking your teeth into warm chocolate chip cookies, letting the sweet, slow chocolate melt in your mouth. Tantalizing every sense, bringing you to the height of awareness, all in the span of a single thought, one unimaginable idea.

It's the entirety of all life, compressed into a single, lone, drop in the river of time, swept away in an instant, yet the sweet, clear taste of it can cool the throat forever. Time is now, this single moment, yet time is forever. Time will always be here, right here, right now, but it just as soon will slip away, unnoticed, undefined.

We as humans can do nothing to detain it, yet our purpose is to use it, to take it, and to wear it out, so that when it passes, it is infused with life, with memories, and with the essence of our humanity.
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