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by Foxie
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The second part in my story.
The next morning Josh was awakened by the sound of the shower. He slowly started to rise into a sitting position in the bed, stroked his face and yawned. He swung his legs over the edge of the bed and stood up. A second yawn came while Joshua was putting on his dressing gown. In the meantime, Jake stood in the shower. His head was full of thoughts and he was trying to skim them through while shampooing his tail. He usually doesn’t take all negative things that People say about his sexuality to heart, but the names those women called him… it was hard to stomach. And the fact that they too were gay didn’t make things any better.
Joshua was standing in the doorway with a tired smile.
“Hi, Josh…”
“How are ya feeling?”
“A little better…”
“Um… Jake, I’m sorry about last night... I was, you know, kinda tired, and things… went out of control.”
“You don’t have to apologize, honey… it was just me and my childish behaviour.”
Joshua snickered.
“Heh, yeah… maybe...”
Jake smiled and pulled the drapes of the shower away.
“Wanna join me?” He then asked his partner.
“Oh yeah…”
Josh smirked and let his dressing gown slide down his body slowly and let it fall to the floor. He was now standing naked and began to walk towards Jake, with his tail swaying in a hypnotic way.
“Mm, mm, mm… me like.” Jake said.
“I know you do. Can you move that fine ass of yours and make space for me?”
Jake laughed.
“Oh, you bad boy…”
Josh entered the shower and enjoyed the hot, relaxing water pouring down on the two foxes. Jake caressed his lovers, furry, muscular chest and closed his eyes, inviting Josh to kiss him. Joshua tilted his head, started to close in and answered the invite. He rubbed Jakes back with both hands for a while before letting his left hand descend towards the butt. Jake made a comeback by beginning to carefully touch Joshes’ testicles with one hand and nipples with the other. These actions erupted into a frenzy of emotion.
“I love you, Jake. I love you so much!” Josh said in the middle of it all, “I want to fuck you… now.”
“Mm… no..! not here, not in the shower”, Jake mumbled past the tongue-tangling kisses.
“Yes here, please… now.”
Jake suddenly stopped and pushed Josh away with his hands on his partners’ chest.
“Bedroom!” he said.
“But we’re all wet.”
“Right… kitchen?”
“Now that’s more like it! Come on what are we waiting for? Let’s go!”
The two foxes ran down the stairs laughing, heading towards the kitchen, when all of a sudden the doorbell rang. They stopped in the middle of the living-room.
“What the hell?” Josh said irritated.
“Oh yeah, great timing…” Jake said with a sigh.
“Wait here while I get some towels…”
Jake did as he said and in just a matter of seconds his partner came rushing like the wind down the stairs with a couple of towels in his hands.
“Here, conceal yourself while I get the door.”
Josh wrapped the towel around his hips, walked to the door and opened it. Joshes’ agent Charles Godwell was standing outside.
“Oh, hey man!” Josh exclaimed.
“Good morning, uh… I’m not interrupting anything am I?” Charles asked while looking at the wet and almost naked foxes.
“Huh? Oh no, it was perfect timing. We were just taking a shower, you know.”
“Maybe I should come back later?”
Josh looked over to Jake. Jake smiled and shook his head.
“No, no, come in.” Jacob said.
The agent nodded and followed the couple inside the house.
“So, what brings you here?” Josh asked.
“Well as you probably know, Fire on the Horizon’s world tour is taking off in a few months, so I just came by to see if you are preparing yourself enough.”
“Of course I am. I’ve been jamming like hell, and not just with my band alone.”
“Good, because there’s no real metal without a great, warmed up drummer.” Charles said with a smile.
“No shit” Josh said.
“Well, I should probably get out of your hair. I’ve got other business to attend to.”
Josh nodded and smirked.
“Cheating on my band, are you?”
Both the fox and the agent laughed on the way to the door. They said goodbye to each other before Josh closed the door behind Charles.
Josh turned back to Jake.
“Now, where were we?”
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