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You trust only to be rewarded by a sick, twisted result

I am blind:
To the world around me
I live, in sunlit illusions
I weave a brothel of obscenties
That real life is peaceful and serene.
Though I face storms myself
I ignored the aching thunders
that lust my destruction; that push aside emotion.

I should paid attention
put my concentration and lived on
Tender sweetness of a friend is so wrong
Wronged am I to swallow tender poison
And lick it till my lips bleed
My tongue sores and my voice is lost
My punishment is trust to the lust of demented kindness
That is so conditional, so hazardous - now my feelings are strewn
My heart aches at the deception of my naivety exposed.

There are few answers to numerous questions
Trust and betrayal are not just coined faces!
They mean something at least to someone
Someone who has a soul and is not hollow
Basking in sin is the devil's greed and I know now
My innocence became my enemy
Must have been the fox to the fox
And no I won't bargain with a demon like you!

Tender sweetness of a friend brwed with artificial seeds
Planted for the reason of obscenities
Clouded and Jaded was the creation so far
And I choke in my own breath swallowed by tears
A fried in need is a friend indeed not a friend who needs for a deed
A deed so spiteful - want to spit on your face
You are no sweet tramp my friend
You put the devil to shame
You will be rewarded
For you gained from my naivety exposed
With Hell untamed!

Now I hope you wallow
In your excrement; for you are nothing but the corpse of the damned...
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