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Troops, Gas, Desert, Pallbearer,
Men wander across desert sands like soulless zombies in movies with horror.

Their only reward is sleeping in a steel drawer.

They get sore muscles, unyielding stiffness, and dry skin combing foreign lands .

What is the purpose? Many still do not understand.

They are given a task seems like Cain’s punishment: to forever roam.

That sounds more like a sentence than a mission; send the troops home.

The “War On Terror” is nothing more than a tremendous moral error.

One trades his or her life to have a family member become a pallbearer.

They are encouraged to “be all they can be.”

That’s not too reassuring if someone becomes a POW or lost at sea.

Maya Angela says “no one but no one can make it out here alone.”

And that’s how it usually ends. Please, send the troops home.

We value the lives of our women and children with great joy.

That seems hypocritical when the lives of foreign women and children are what our troops destroy.

They are doing their duty; they are performing a very unpleasant job,

Although they are laboring for a greedy, homicidal, and clueless presidential slob.

What started off as a bombing of the World Trade Center,

Has not ended from seven years ago, but continues as an agonizing mental splinter.

There was an investigation with a 9/11 counsel, and nothing has still changed.

Instead, more troops are not coming home unless they are injured, dead, diseased, or psychologically deranged.

Ashes to ashes and dust to dust.

These deaths are unnecessary, and this war is a bust.

God please bless the troops. Everyday, someone is killing an unfortunate soldier’s ass.

So, why are they dying? The price is still rising on gas.

There is a matter that defies understanding and leaves many taken aback.

If the terrorists are from Afghanistan, what the hell are troops doing in Iraq?

They need to come home. How much more damage does Bush need to do?

Forget about foreign relations; that has been thoroughly screwed.

This war needs to end, or our loved ones will be forever, gone.

Just make one sound decision; please, send the troops home.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1254842