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to my mother for being there for us through thick or thin
To my ailing mother
I love you like no other.
You're my angel without wings,
You've taught me so  many cool things,
Like "You don't get your head to wear hat alone"
Or how to eat an ice-cream cone.

One day you said you thought that maybe
You shouldn't have had that fifth baby.
I wondered if I had been that bad,
So I asked, "Am I the one you'd rather not have had?"
You smiled and said, :You've done me proud,
So I'd be glad to stand up in any crowd
And say I'm happy to be your mother."
Ding...ding...ding...Good answer!

You were always there when I needed you.
So let me be there for you too
Now that your body is wracked with diabetes.
You've got high blood pressure and arthritis.
Your once statuesque frame is now bent with age
But time has made you wiser than a sage,
So before we turn the final page,
Let me tell you now while I can,
I'm glad that you're my mom!

Author's notes:
"If I ever forget a mom like you,
May the angels in heaven forget me too!"

My mom died on Monday (02/04/08) of a heart attack. She was always tenacious of life but I guess she just couldn't fight anymore.  She was the life of the party and her bedroom was called "Grand Central" because everyone gathered there. I still cannot believe she is gone.

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