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by Kosana
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Short poems of hurt, pain, and a life of misery. I wrote these in times of depression.
Final Farewell

One slit, that's all it would take. Through trembling hands I wrote of what
would be my final fare well. As I wrote I caught a glimpse of my pale
relaxation. I wrote of my dying gratitude to my parents, who tried so hard.
Of my friends, who in the end gave up on me as lost cause. Of my affection
for my one and only love, who abandoned me when I needed him most. I looked
to my wrist; the blood slowly seeping down. One slit, that's all it took.
Through streaming tears and dying strength I looked one last time at the
face of the one I dyed for. Fare well love.


I watch over the nightly creatures where all hell reigns, to be so young and
feel so old but never being the same, to slip into the cold, dank palace of
loneliness and hopelessness and never find a way out. How the world could be
so cruel with once was loved and now forgotten. A dark creature slinks into
existence and raises its hand in what seems recognition; a creature that
once was me but so unwanted, never to be in the light of a loved. You
astonish me with your hate and lose me with your might, to sink no lower and
be no more. Slip through the secret fog and pass through the invisible wall
but an unknown barrier blocks the passage into the world of good. Misery,
destruction, hate, is all apart of life. Peace not yet defined.

My heart quickens and slowly begins to die,
There you stood
There you stand
Tears streaming down to what turns into a river
A river of tears in which to drown myself
Feeling nothing except the emptiness of my soul
Suddenly I am staring at a blank wall
Suddenly I am staring into myself
Nothing being there
You being but a memory
That slowly begins to fade
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