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by Liz.
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For a girl whom I love, though we never talk anymore..
the most beautiful girl in the world.
whom i love with my entire heart.
my well-being, my soul.
she just doesn't know.
she doesn't know how much anyone cares.
nor does she accept the fact that
she's more than just a pile of scars,
a pile of broken hearts.
she could be all she wanted.
she could be anything.

pessimism is like poison,
running through her spider-like veins.
head getting cloudy with the thoughts:
"i'm not good enough, not pretty enough,
i'm just not...enough."
undeserved failures taunting her.
monsters getting in her way
just as she is about to succeed.
she is so much more...
she's the most beautiful girl in the world.

trying to be the best little girl
in the entire world.
trying to be everything all at once.
to please everyone, to make them all happy
an ambition worth fighting for,
but not worth losing yourself over.
she feels so weak, crying her sad eyes out.
wanting to starve hereself to save herself
from her "crimes." in order to regain strength- control.

despite it all, i still think that
she's the most beautiful girl in the world.
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