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Study of Middle Eastern Mythology

    I feel bee stings on my skin as I lie in bed. There is a buzzing in my head.
I can't move... I pray to Gabriel; to shake me from this spell with his horn.
    A dream; a thought or more; a whisper:
              "Let nothing disturb thee. Nothing affright thee. All things
              are passing.. Patient, endurance attain all things."

    A loud woman's voice:
              "He is blind who boasts, 'I am a jealous God and no other exists before
                me.'" Was there not sons and daughters of God, who claimed
                immortal human elightenment? How can a perfect mind be jealous?"
  I see her standing in a whirlwind, raising her outstreached hands to heaven.
                "I am the whore and your love.
                I am the wife and the virgin.
                I bring elightenment into the world
                and bare many children.
                I am the silence that is incomprehensible.
                I am the utterance of your unspeakable name.
                I am Sophia; wisdom and life."
  "Behold the blasphemy" she whispered mockingly.
                "I sent life, my daughter, to Adam as an instuctor to raise
                up the man to knowledge of good and evil. The female he
                called Eve: the mother of his children, was my spirit.
                It was a jealous God, who punished them for their
                love. The Blind God made a serpent of my instructor.
                And cursed the female with blood. But, this curse
                could never break their immortal love;
                not even the punishment of death."
  "There is a resurection in every son and daughter of God."

I trembled at this thought. Could there be many resurections? Many risen?
Perhaps we are all one spirit....... Immortal, elightened, human.+

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