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by Big O
Rated: 13+ · Script/Play · Horror/Scary · #1257686
Three Friends Spend The Night In The Woods. Something Evil Waits

Act 1

Movie Opens with Logan, Harper, and Wilson Playing Basketball at Ethan’s House.

Harper:  “Ohhh yeah baby come get sprayed.”

Logan:  “Come on Harper, I’ll dominate you.”

Wilson:  “Ball! Ball!  If you want to win, you will give me the ball.”

Harper Drives and Makes a layup Over Logan.

Logan:  “You got lucky.”

Logan Drives and Dunks on Harper

Wilson:  “Posterized!!! Oh my gosh, Logan, you are sooo good.”

Logan:  “Maybe one day you will be as good as me.”

Dalton Walks up the Driveway

Dalton:  “Hey guys, umm do you care if I play?”

Wilson:  “No man, that’s fine. I’m J.T.”

Logan:  “I’m Logan.”

Harper:  “I’m Harper. Did you just move in?”

Dalton:  “Yeah. I used to live in Georgia.”

Dalton:  “What about my brother? He’s not very good.”

Logan:  “That’s cool, I guess.  Do you play sports?”

Dalton:  “Yeah. Baseball and basketball.”

Logan:  “What’s your brother’s name?

Oliver Has Been in the Background the Entire Time, but He Wasn’t in Focus. He Suddenly Appears and He has White Makeup on and Possibly a Little Eyeliner

Oliver:  “Oliver.”

Get a Few Shots of Everybody Playing Basketball and Then Playing Video Games. Make it Look Like Everyone is Having a Great Time, However, Oliver is Curled Up in a Ball in the Corner

Act 2

Oliver:  “Uuhh, I have to go to the bathroom.”

Wilson:  “It’s right there.”

Oliver Goes to the Bathroom

Logan:  “Hey everybody come over here.”

Harper:  “What do you want? I’m hungry.”

Logan:  “Do you guys remember that old story that that kid who used to live behind me told us? You know, the one about there being some kind of animal down at the creek, and everybody that stays there overnight dies.”

Harper:  “Oh yeah I forgot about that one.”

Dalton:  “Is this story for real?

Wilson:  “Yeah.”

Harper:  “I guess you want to start hanging out with us now don’t you?”

Dalton:  “Yeah. I guess so. If that’s okay with you guys.”

Harper:  “You see, there are rules that have to be followed. If I could break them I might…no probably not, but to get into the group there are some things that you just have to do.”

Harper:  “It may be unpleasant, but we all did it when we were young.”

Harper:  “You don’t have to do anything, we like you, but your faggy brother…not so much.”

Dalton:  “What do I have to do?”

Wilson:  “Your brother has to spend the night at the creek alone.”

Dalton:  “No I wont let you do that to him. He may be a little bit different, but he’s still my brother.”

Dalton:  “If he goes, we all go.”

Harper:  “No we’re not.”

Logan:  “Oh come on you little baby! It’ll be fun.”

Logan:  “Don’t be a baby Harper.”

Wilson:  “We don’t have a tent.”

Logan:  “I do.”

Wilson:  “Ok. Let’s do it.”

Act 3

The Boys Bring a Tent and Bring Along Food, Drinks, and a Stereo

Wilson:  “Where should we set it up?”

Logan:  “Right here.”

He Points to an Island in the Middle of the Creek

They Set up the Tent and Start Playing Music and Drinking Cokes

Harper:  “This is the life man. I could do this every day.”

Logan:  “Hey guys check this out. I found a CD.”

Wilson:  “Put it in the stereo.”

The Song “Creatures of the Night” Plays, Everyone Looks Confused and Says Things Like “What is This”, “This is Stupid” Camera Switches to Oliver Who is Behind the Rest of the Guys Doing the “Creatures of the Night Dance” They All Laugh At Him

Harper:  “You are the weirdest person I have ever seen in my life. Get away from me.”

Logan:  “Harper, chill out man. Leave him alone.”

Dalton Quickly Changes the Subject

Dalton:  “So tell me more about this little story.”

Oliver:  “What story? What are you talking about Dalton?”

Logan:  “Are you sure you want to hear it?” I don’t want you to have to go home to your mommy.”

Dalton:  “Yeah man. I need to know what we’re up against.”

They All Laugh

Logan:  “Well, a long time ago, there was a family that lived down here at the creek.  Then weird things started happening.”

Wilson:  “They heard weird noises at night, and sometimes dead animals would be on their doorstep when they woke up in the morning.”

Harper:  “Then one night, the dad was fed up with it. He went outside with a shotgun. He was gone for an hour or two, and then they heard his gun fire.”

Logan:  “They never saw him again.”

Wilson:  “Then the family moved away and no one has spent the night down here since.”

Dalton:  “This is really funny guys. I totally believe your story.”

Harper:  “Believe what you want, but you probably wont live to see tomorrow.”

Oliver:  “It’s true Dalton. This isn’t a place you should be. Go home, I’ll be fine by myself.”

Harper:  “How do you know, freak?

Oliver:  “I just know.”
Act 4

Logan:  “Come on guys, lets go swimming.”

Dalton:  “Are you kidding me?  Look at this water.”

Harper:  “Heyweirdo, you goin swimming, or will it mess up or makeup?”

Oliver:  “You think you are so funny don’t you? I can’t wait to see your bloody, lifeless, body, and then spit on your dead face.”

Logan:  “Harper, do you think he’s for real?” 

Harper:  “I don’t care, I'd beat him down.”

Wilson:  “Yooooooooooo”

Wilson Runs and Jumps Into the Creek

Wilson:  “I think there is something in the water.”

Oliver:  “Oh come on.”

Wilson Goes Under Water Like Something Pulled Him Under

Logan Goes in After Him

Wilson Comes up Laughing

Wilson:  “I got you guys.”

Wilson Gets Out of the Water and Runs Ahead of the Rest of the Group

Wilson:  “Ummm, you guys better come look at this.”

Logan:  “What is it?”

They See Blood and Slash Marks in a Tree

Logan:  “What do think about that Ollie?”

Dalton:  “Uhhh, do you think we should go home?”

Logan:  “Where’s your sense of adventure.”

Oliver:  “It’s just a matter of time.”

Oliver Laughs and Harper Looks Ready to Fight (Just Your Normal Demeanor, Jake)

Harper:  “What does that mean, Marilyn Manson?”

Oliver:  “I think you know.”

They Stand in Front of the Tree for a Minute, Then Logan and Wilson Laugh and Wilson Jumps Back Into The Water

It is Dark by This Time

Act 5

Wilson:  “I’m kinda hungry guys. Let’s get something to eat.”

Harper:  “Lets make a fire and roast our friend the Satan worshiper.”

Wilson:  “Come on Harper, chill out.”

Harper:  “No!!! I wish we never had brought him down here. I am fine with Dalton, but that  (He points a finger at Oliver) I HATE HIM.

Oliver:  “I don’t want to fight you.

Harper Runs at Oliver and Tackles Him. Oliver Just Takes it and Doesn’t Move. He is Laughing Almost Uncontrollably

Twenty Minutes Later, All The Boys Are Sitting on the Bank of the Creek Side by Side
Oliver is Sitting by Himself on the Other Side of the River. (Camera: Over the Shoulder View of the Boys, Background is Oliver)

Wilson:  “Alright, it’s getting late, lets go back to camp.”

Logan:  “Ok. I am starving anyway.”

Harper:  “Are all five, no wait, four of us sleeping in the same tent?”

Oliver:  “I would rather sleep outside of the tent so your blood doesn’t splatter on me when you finally get killed.”

Logan:  “Both of you just shut up. We’re going back to camp.”

Dalton:  “I have no idea where we are, so don’t get too far ahead.”

Harper Leans in and Whispers to Logan

Harper:  “Let’s ditch ‘em both.”

The Three Boys Run Ahead and Oliver and Dalton are Left Alone

Dalton:  “Uhhh, guys. What are you doing?  I don’t know where to go.

Pause as They are Walking Slowly With Their Heads Down

Oliver:  “Go ahead, I am gonna stop here for a minute, I need some time to think.”

Dalton:  “Ok. Come back quick.”

Dalton Walks Back Into Camp

Wilson:  “Come on guys, he’s been gone for almost 15 minutes.”

Harper:  “Let him find his own way back.”

Wilson:  “Harper, how would you feel if this was you?”

Harper:  “Oh my gosh J.T. SHUT UP!!!!!”

Logan:  “Just chill out Harper. I’ll go get him.”

Logan Disappears Into the Woods

A Few Seconds Later Oliver Shows up at the Campsite (Enter From Opposite Direction as Logan Exists) He Sits Down Away From the Rest of the Group and Pulls out His Headphones and MP3 Player.  He Curls Up in a Tight Ball

Wilson:  “What are you listening to?”

Oliver Takes Off His Headphones and Gives Them to J.T. He Puts Them on His Head Rip the Same Song onto the Computer and Time it to Play as Soon as He Puts on the Headphones

Wilson:  “Well, I can’t say I like it, but I guess its ok.”

Wilson Takes Out His Own MP3 and Gives It to Oliver Do the Same Except With a Rap Song

Wilson:  “What do you think of that.”

Oliver:  “I think it’s terrible, but thanks for at least giving hardcore a try.”

Wilson:  “No problem. And don’t worry about Harper. He’s just a little hard to deal with sometimes.”
Act 6

Logan:  “Oh my gosh. This kid is a complete idiot.”


Logan:  “How do you get lost at the stupid creek?”

Logan Hears Wolf Rustling in the Woods Behind Him (Camera Sees Logan’s Back)

Camera Sees a White Creature That Isn’t in Focus Run Across the Path Behind Him (Camera View Switches to View His Face)

Act 7

Logan Turns Around Then Begins Turning in Horrified Circles (Camera Pan 360 degrees)

Logan:  “Who’s There?”

Logan:  “Ok guys. This is really funny.”

Zoom in on His Face


He Breaks Into a Full Sprint, Then Trips and Falls (Camera View Behind Him)

Back at the Campsite Hear Logan Scream

Act 8

Wilson:  “What was that?”

Dalton:  “Was that Logan?”

Harper:  “He’s probably just playing around.”

Wilson:  “Umm I really don’t think so.”

Dalton:  “I’m getting a little scared. Let’s just go back to my house.”

Harper:  “Oh man. Let’s go look for the idiot. Wilson you go with the freak, I’ll go alone.”

Act 9

Harper:  “Why did we even let this kid come with us? He’s weird.”

Harper:  “He acts like he’s still a little kid.”

Harper:  “Well I guess the rest of the guys like him, but I don’t.”

Harper Walks up on Logan Sitting on the Ground With His Back Against a Tree (Camera Sees the Back of Logan’s Head)

Harper:  “What are you doing?”

Pause for 5 Seconds

Harper:  “Come on. Let’s go. Everybody is worried about you.”

Harper:  “What are you doing?  COME ON!!”

Harper Pushes Him in the Back and He Falls Out of the Chair and Lays Still on the Ground

Harper Backs Away Slowly Shaking His Head, Taking Short Breaths, and Whispering No

Then He Turns and Sprints Back To Camp

Act 10

Wilson Points Across the Creek

Wilson:  “What is that?”

Dalton:  “I think it’s a… no…”

Wilson:  “It’s a body.”

Dalton:  “I’m going home.”

Wilson:  “Not yet. I’m gonna go look at it, then we can go.”

They See A Body With Slashes in the Shirt and Pants With Blood Spattered Hanging From a Tree

Wilson Runs and Jumps in the Creek

Wilson:  “I think there’s something in the water.”

Dalton:  “Come on J.T., quit playing around.”

Wilson:  “I’m serious.”

Wilson:  “Ahhhhhhhhh.”

Wilson Goes Under the Water Thrashing and Struggling

Then He Stops Moving and the Water is Peaceful

Act 11

Back at the Campsite

Harper Takes Out His Phone and Dials His Dad’s Number (Really Dial Ethan or Logan’s)

Harper:  “Come on Dad”

Harper:  “ANSWER.”

Harper:  “Dad. Logan is dead. Weird stuff is happening down here. I’m coming home.”

He Presses the End Button Then Dials Wilson’s Number

Harper:  “I gotta call J.T.

Harper:  “Of course he doesn’t answer.”

Harper Sprints up the Bank of the Creek

He Hears Something in the Bushes He Turns Around

Harper:  “WHO ARE YOU!!!!????”

He is Turning in Circles Screaming

The Wolf Runs Behind Him

Zoom on Harper’s Face

He Screams

Camera View Switches to the Creek and Blood Splatters in the Creek and on Trees

Act 12

Switch Back to Dalton Standing on the Bank of the Creek

View is Facing Him Make Sure That The Wolf is Seen in the Background

He Runs By Harper and There is Blood Everywhere

Dalton Stops

Then the Camera is on the Ground and Dalton Screams

Dalton is Hanging By a Rope by His Legs Suspended From a Tree Limb (Blood and Slashes)

The Last Scene of the Movie is the Camera in a Large Hole and Someone is Shoveling Dirt Into the Hole Until the Lens is Completely Covered

The Real Last Scene is Oliver Walking Slowly Laughing and Walking Calmly

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