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This is about an accident that I was in.
One stormy friday morning we were getting ready for school. When it started raining. We stayed in and waited for the bus to come. Just before the bus came down our street I went over to my friends house, and we went on the bus and sat in the same seat then we were talking about what we are going to do in the summer. We finished talking when more kids sat down beside us. Then we got all the kids in the park. And we left out the main enterance. There is a bridge by our corner where the deep ditch is. The bus driver came to the corner and stopped to look both ways. When he seen that it appeared to be clear he started to turn. Then from out of no where the car came flying through that bridge. The car ran us almost into the deep ditch. The man was getting out of his car. All of us knew the guy in the car. It was Mr. Phillips. He was in a drunken rage. He got out his car and started to yell at the bus driver. The bus driver was our principle Mr. Hitchcock. He was a very good driver too. My friends mother seen what had happened and called the police. When the police got to the accident site they got a big surprise. We were hanging up on the cemented corner. The bus was about to fall in. But all of us went to the other side of the bus to keep the bus from falling in. Mr Phillips could care less about our position that we were in. The driver asked if the kids could go to school. One of the police officers said yes. So he got another bus and we went off to school. He stayed on the crippled bus. Not us though we went with my friends mother. She took us to school. We only had three hours left of school any way we went school. We had a party we sang songs, we played games, we ate lunch, we went back to class, we heard stories, and we said prayers. When school was out we went home for the summer. When we got home we went to the river.
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