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This a poem about a hard time in my life.
Sometimes you know the time is right
To turn your back and fade into the night.
Sometimes when you cut someone from your life
You cut yourself with the same knife.

When things are thrown aside as soon as found
It's hard to know when to stand your ground.
When will I ever learn
When you push one away, he won't return?

Sometimes it's better to love and lose,
At least then you get to choose.
Proud and strong, I stand tall.
Come Hell or waters high, I will stand tall.

Taking time out now to take care of me.
Why I always run, one day I'll see.
When the time is right,
I'll know when to stand and fight.

When the man is worthy of me
Love will be given and received; it will just be.
I will no longer be faithful to my freedom
At that time commitment will be welcome.

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