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by Anya
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A story of love between a male vampire and a human female.
Britni Evans is a young woman in search of true love. She finds it when she meets Damon Salinti. He is vampire, but she does not find this out until later.

It is a Friday night and Britni Evans is getting ready to go out with her friend Alyssa Jonas and Steven Owens. She is brushing her waist length hair down as she is thinking if she will ever meet a man that will love her for who she is and not the way she looks. She is pretty her friends and family tell her, with her auburn hair and tawny eyes. Her best friend Steven tells her she is beautiful and she just smiles at him and kisses his cheek thinking him a big flirty sweetheart. She is now finished brushing her hair and spraying just a little perfume on her clothing and body and goes downstairs to wait on Steven and Alyssa to come get her.

Britni's mother is in the kitchen baking cookies and humming a little tune to herself. Britni smiles at her mother as she steps into the kitchen. "Wow, sweetheart, you look great," her mother said running her small hand through her shoulder length brown hair. "Thanks, mom," Britni says. "So, where are you three going?" her mother asked. "To a club called Dark Nights, a few miles away, it just opened from what I understand from Alyssa," Britni said still wondering what it will be like with a name like Dark Nights. "You three just be careful and try to be home by 1 am, but if you decide to stay longer call me, ok, so I don't worry," her mom said. "I will mom," Britni said as she heard a car horn out front. "I guess that is them, I will see you later, mom," Britni said kissing her mom's cheek. "Ok dear, be careful," her mother called after her as she walked out the door.

Steven whistled to Britni as she got in the car. She blushed. "You look great," he said kissing her cheek. "Thanks, you look great to," she said. "Where's Alyssa?" Britni asked. "We got to go get her, she wasn't ready yet, so she sent me after you first," he said pulling out of her driveway. "Oh," Britni said with a short laugh. About ten minutes later they pulled into Alyssa's drive and she came out as soon as Steven blew the horn. He whistled at her to. "You girls are going to give me a heart attack," he said kissing Alyssa's cheek to. "Lord, I hope not," Alyssa said laughing. "Are we ready to go now?' he asked. "Yes," they both said. "Here we go," he said pulling out of Alyssa's drive and headed toward the Dark Nights Club.

It took them about twenty minutes to get to the club. When they pulled in the parking lot, it was a bit crowded. It was a huge building with neon lights atop it in purple that read: The Dark Nights Club. "Wow," this place is huge they all said. Steven finally found a parking place almost to the back of the building. "Let's all try to remember where I parked, ok," he said. "Ok," they agreed. Soon, they were out and walking to stand in the line that was a bit shorter than when they first pulled in. "I should have brought a sweater," Britni said. "It's a bit chilly," she added. "Hopefully, we will get in soon," Alyssa said. They seemed to be letting people in four or five at a time. They would be in the next five, they hoped. They had to show i.d. and were soon inside. "Wow, it looks much bigger on the inside than it did from outside," Alyssa said. "Yes, I agree," Steven said. "Let's find the bar and get a drink," Alyssa suggested. They were soon on the hunt for the bar. As they finally approached the bar Alyssa and Britni glanced around as Steven ordered drinks. "This place sure is packed," Alyssa said. "Yeah," Britni agreed. "Ok, I ordered the drinks," Steven said joining them in their glancing around. "I hope we kind find a place to sit," Britni said. "Yeah," Alyssa and Steven agreed.

"Hey, buddy here is your drinks," the bartender said. "Thanks," Steven said taking them and handing Alyssa and Britni their drinks. "Let's try to find a table," Alyssa said as she took her drink. "Ok," Steven and Britni agreed as they began walking away from the bar. They found one empty table a few tables away from the restrooms. "Here we go, I believe this is the only one," Steven said as they sat down. "Well, at least we won't have to go far to get to the restroom," Alyssa said jokingly as she sipped at her strawberry daquri. Britni took a sip of her Virgin Mary. Steven had a beer. "Well, we have been here for twenty minutes, I think we should dance," Alyssa said as she finished her drink. "Britni I wish you would have asked someone to come with us," Alyssa said. "Like who?" Britni asked. "Lucas, would have come," Alyssa said with a smile. "He adores you," she added. "Well, I don't like him that way, just a friend; we can share Steven," Britni said. "I know, but it would have been more fun," Alyssa said. "I can dance with both of you at the same time," Steven suggested as he finished off his beer. "One on each side," he added as Britni finished her drink. "Yeah, I know," Alyssa said as they all got up and headed to find a place on the dancefloor to dance. There was a fast paced song playing. The found a place and started dancing together.

After they had danced through three songs Britni felt like someone was watching her. She looked around, but didn't see anyone. "Guys, I am going to the restroom, ok," Britni said. "Do you want me to go with you?" Alyssa asked. "No, I am a big girl, you two just continue dancing," Britni said smiling. "Ok," they said and she left them in search of the restroom. As she walked she felt like she was being watched again. She stopped and looked around, but still saw no one. "I think I am paranoid or something," she said as she laughed at herself. Then, she went into the bathroom. Thank god, she did not have to wait in a line because she really had to go. After she finished, she washed her hands and headed back out to see if she could find a table, so she could rest a bit before dancing more. She found one right beside the bar and she ordered a beer this time and sat down and drank it. She saw Steven and Alyssa still dancing. It was a slow song now. So, they were really close. Britni had this feeling Alyssa liked Steven more than a friend. She smiled at the thought of Alyssa and Steven as an item and laughed. As Britni sat and sipped at the beer she felt eyes on her again. She looked around and this time thought she saw a man looking stright at her and he was very handsome to. She blushed to herself. Then he started to walk her way. She felt her face turn red. He was almost to her now. She was getting a bit nervous but couldn't move. He was so handsome. He had dark blonde hair almost to the middle of his back and she wasn't sure, but his eyes seemed to glow almost like a fire blue. "Hello," he said as he approached the table. "Um, hello," she said shyly. "My name is, Damon Salinti," he said smiling at her. "Nice to meet you, my name is Britni Evans," she said holding her hand out to him. He smiled as he took her hand into his and kissed it very gentle. Her blood seemed to rush through her body like lightening. And her stomach felt like there were butterflies in it. Her skin seemed to warm up a few degrees. "It is a pleasure to meet you, Britni Evans," he said as he slowly let go of her hand. "May I?' he asked pointing to the chair across from her. "Of course," she said with a smile. There was another fast song playing now and Britni glanced to the dance floor and Alyssa and Steven were still dancing. "Did you come with friends or alone?" he asked. "My friends, this is the first time we have been here," Britni said. "This is a nice club, I've been here a few times since they opened," Damon Salinti said.

"Really," she said. He nodded yes as he sipped what appeared to be red wine. As he took a sip Britni couldn't help but notice the way the glass touched his lips. It kind of made her stomach feel flutterly again. She wondered what it would be like to kiss those lips of his. After she thought that she couldn't believe the reaction she was having to him she had just met this man, this handsome man. "Do you live around here?" he asked. "Yes, a few miles away; you?" she asked. "Yes, pretty close," he said. "Did you come with friends?" she had to ask. "No, I am alone," he said a bit seductively she thought. She still felt like her face was red. "I know we just met, but would you like to dance with me?" he asked. At first she wasn't sure, but something inside told her to dance with him. "Yes, I would love to," she said as he got up first and reached out for her hand. She hesitated at first and then took it and they walked to the dance floor. A fast song was playing again and they danced to it and then a slow song played. She wasn't sure she wanted to dance to a slow song with someone she just met, but she couldn't help herself. There was something about him that made her want to. When they danced so close her body was doing all kinds of flutters and felt like lightening was rushing through her veins with her blood racing and her heart seemed to be pounding. As he was touching her she was wondering why she was having this reaction to this man. She had never felt like this with anyone, not even her ex-boyfriend Kyle. As soon as the song ended he lead her to another empty table and they sat down. They just looked at each other for what seemed like forever as they listened to the music. A few minutes later, she saw Steven and Alyssa making their way to the table she now occupied with Damon.

"I need to sit down," Alyssa said as they came to the table. "Hi, I am Alyssa, Britni's friend," Alyssa said noticing Britni had company. And a handsome one to she thought to herself. "Hi, I am Steven, Britni's best friend," Steven said holding his hand out to the stranger. "Nice to meet you, I am Damon Salinti," he said shaking Steven's hand and then kissed Alyssa hand. "Oh, like a gentleman," Alyssa said. She had a warm feeling rush over her at his touch. "So, Mr. Salinti, how old are you?" Steven asked curiously and a bit protective of his friends. "How old do I look," Damon asked. "Late twenties, maybe early thirties," Steven said. "I am thirty," Damon said. But he lied. He was really one-hundred years old, but would tell everyone he was thirty. "How old are you all, may I ask?" Damon asked. "I am twenty-six," Steven said. "I am twenty-four," Alyssa said. Then Damon looked at Britni. "I am twenty-five," she said smiling. "So Mr. Salinti, what do you do for a living?" Steven asked again curious. "I am an artist," Damon said. "And please call me, Damon," he added. "Ok," Steven said. "What do you do, Steven?" Damon asked. "I am a auto mechanic," Steven said. "Interesting," Damon said. "Do you ladies work?" Damon asked. "I lost my last job, because I hurt myself, so I don't work right now," Alyssa said. "I'm sorry, I hope you are ok, now," Damon said. "Thank you, I am," Alyssa said. "What about you, Britni?" he asked. "I work in a Nursing home taking care of the elderly as a tech," Britni said. "That is a good profession to be in, that means you have a good heart," Damon said looking into her tawny eyes. She blushed again. "Thank you," she said. He looked away from her and glanced at his watch. It was midnight. He needed to go. "I enjoyed talking with you all, I must bid you all a good night," he said. "Ok, it was really nice to meet you," they all replied. "Britni, it was a pleasure to meet you and dance with you, I hope I can see you again," Damon said taking her hand in his once again and brushing a kiss on it. "I would like that," she said. She had to look into his blue eyes once more. "I can give you my number if you like," she said. He pulled out a brown leather wallet out of his back pocket and took a small card out of it and grabbed a pen from his brown leather jacket and took down her number and then reached into his wallet and pulled out another card and handed it to her. "Call me anytime, you'd like," he said as she took it. "It was a business card with the words: Damon Salinti Art on it and his home number and his studio number on it. "Good night," Damon said and was soon gone. As he walked away Britni felt this saddened feeling come from inside her. She wanted to see him again.No needed to see him again.

"Wow, Britni, I think he likes you," Alyssa said. "You think so?" she asked. "I don't know, there is something very strange about him," Steven said. "Oh, Steven hush, he is handsome, sweet, an artist and obviously taken with Britni here," Alyssa said smiling. "Whatever, I am ready to get home, I am tired, what about you two?" he asked. "I guess so, momma did want me back by 1 am.," Britni said as they got up and started out the door in search of the car. They were soon in the car and on thier way home. Steven dropped Alyssa off first. She waved bye as she disappeared into her house. It was just Steven and Britni now. "Britni, I want you to be careful around that man if you see him again, I just have this strange feeling about him, I can't figure it out," Steven said. "I will, I am a big girl now, Steven, it isn't like he is the only man I have ever been around before," she said. "You worry, too much," she added. "I'm sorry, I just don't want to see you hurt again like Kyle did," Steven said. "Thank you for that," she said as they pulled into her driveway. He smiled at her as they hugged and he kissed her cheek and she kissed his and soon got out and walked to the door waving bye as he pulled out of her drive.

It was dark. Her mother must be asleep already. She went in and closed the door back and locked it and heard the television on in the living room. Her mom was asleep on the couch watching an I Love Lucy episode. She took the afghan off the back of the couch and covered her mom up and then went up to her room to shower and dress for bed. After her shower she put on her nightgown and laid on her bed and read a romance novel for a little while and then went off to sleep when the clock read: 2:30 a.m. Her dreams were filled with Damon's face.

A few days have passed. It is a Tuesday now and Britni is getting off work. She hasn't heard from Damon yet. She hasn't tried to call him either. She figured since he was an artist he was probably busy, but she still hoped he would call her. As soon as she got home she went upstairs to take a shower and dressed in a pair of blue jeans and a purple t-shirt. Then, she blow dried her hair and put on a pair of white sneakers and went downstairs to get a Coke. Her mom wasn't home yet. Britni took her coke to the living room and turned the news on. After thirty minutes of news she shut it off and grabbed her cell phone and called Steven, but he didn't answer. Then she tried to call Alyssa. They talked for about twenty minutes and then Alyssa had to get off to cook supper. Britni just sat on the porch in the swing for a little while and thought of Damon Salinti. She could not get him out of her head. About 6:00 p.m., her mom finally pulled in and she rushed to help her with the groceries. "Hi sweetie, how was your day?" her mom asked kissing Britni's cheek as Britni grabbed a bag. "It was pretty goo, how was your day, momma?" Britni asked grabbing another bag. "It was busy," her mom said. They soon walked in with some groceries. Her mom worked in a warehouse where they packaged books. Her mom has been there for ten years now. "Will you go get the rest, sweetie?" her mom asked. "Sure," Britni said as she headed out to get the rest as the phone rang. She froze in place for a moment. Could it be, Damon, she thought to herself? She walked on out to the car to get the other two bags. As she closed the trunk, her mom came out the front door. "Britni, it's for you?" her momma called. "Who is it?" she asked her mom. "A Damon Salinti," her mom winked. Britni's heart skipped a beat and then felt like it was racing as she walked up to the house and then inside. She put the bags on the counter and took the phone. "Hello," Britni said. "Hi, Britni Evans, how are you?" Damon asked. "I'm fine," she answered. Her stomach was doing somersaults. "I am sorry I didn't call sooner, I was painting a portrait that took me a few days to paint," he said. "It's ok, I understand," she said smiling to herself. Her momma was putting away groceries as Britni and Damon talked. "Britni, why don't you invite Damon over for dinner?" her mom whispered. Britni's pulse raced at the thought of him here in her house. "Who was that?" Damon asked curiously. "My momma, would like you to come to dinner," Britni said. "How nice of her, when?" he asked. She looked at her mom. "When?" she whispered to her mom. "Tonight, of course, Paul is coming over to," her mom said. Paul was her mom's boyfriend. They had been together for two years. "Tonight," Britni told Damon. "I would love to, but you will have to tell me directions," Damon said. After she told him directions, they talked about ten more minutes and then he had to go to get ready.

"He will be here at 8:00," Britni said nervously. "Why are you so nervous?" her mom asked. "I don't know, mom, I just have some weird feelings when I am with him and I just met him a few nights ago," Britni said. "Did you have these feelings with Kyle?" her mom asked. "No, these are different, I can't explain them right now," Britni said getting up to go upsatirs to put something else on. She never really cared how she looked around someone, but for some reason she wanted to look really nice for Damon. "Britni, I think you are in love with him," her mom said. "That's impossible, momma, we have only seen each other once , we just met and we haven't even went on a date yet, how could I be in love with someone I just met and have only seen once?" Britni asked. "Love at first sight, my dear," her mom said and with that Britni went upstairs to find something really nice to wear for Damon Salinti. She took another shower. She dried her hair. She brushed her hair and put some up and left the rest down. She sprayed just a hint of perfume on all over her. She decided to wear a light blue sun dress with purple roses on it. It stopped right at her knees. It had spaguetti straps on it. She wore a gold necklace with a blue ice charm on it the shape of a heart. She put earrings to match on. And the bracelet. She put a pair of white sandals on and looked her self over in the mirror once more. As she glanced at herself her mom appeared in the doorway. "Britni, you look lovely," her mom said sweetly. "Thanks, you don't think it is too much?" Britni asked. "No, it is lovely, I dressed up a little to," her mom said. Britni just noticed her mother was wearing her best dress. It was a spring green color that went a little past her mom's knees. It had very short sleeves. "You look radiant, momma," Britni said hugging her mom. "Thanks," her mom said as there was a soft knock in the doorway. They turned to see Paul standing there. "Hi, Paul," Britni said. "Hi, you two look nice, what's the occasion?" he asked. "Well, Britni has a special someone coming for dinner and I have not met him yet, so I thought I would dress a little nicer to," her mom said. "I wish I would have known, I would have tried to dress a bit nicer," he said looking over his clothing. He was wearing a pair of dark blue jeans and a blac t-shirt and black tennis shoes. "You look nice," Britni's momma told him as she went to kiss him and he returned the kiss. "Shall we head down and set the table?" her mom asked. "I'll be down in a minute," Britni said. "Ok," her mom and Paul said and they left her room and went downstairs. She looked at herself one more time and then she heard the doorbell ring. "He's here," she told herself a bit excitedly. She stood in her doorway. "I'll get it," she heard her mom say. Britni heard the door open. "Hello, Mrs. Evans, I assume," she heard Damon say. Her stomach fluttered again. "Hello, you must be Damon Salinti, how nice to meet you," her mother said and he took her hand and kissed it. "Yes," Damon said. "Please come in, Britni will be down momentarily," her mother said. As he walked in her mom closed the front door and introduced Damon to Paul.

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Salinti," Paul said as they shook hands. "Please, call me, Damon," Damon said. "Ok," they said. Britni was nervous. She was trying to work the courage up to go down. After a few minutes of a couple of deep breaths she headed downstairs closing her door. As soon as she desended the stairs he was there. "Hello, Britni, how nice to see you again," he said kissing her hand. "You to," Britni said. "You look beautiful," he said to her. She blushed. "Thank you," she said. They were staring into each others eyes, it felt an eternity. "Britni, why don't you show our guest around the house?" her mom asked. "Sure, momma," Britni said. They walked to the living room. Then she showed him the study. Then the bathroom and laundry room. Her mom's room, the other bathroom. The den. Then she showed him her room. She felt embarassed having him in her room. She had this picture of her and Damon on her bed. She quickly took his hand and left her room. She took him out back to see the back yard and her momma's little garden. "Dinner's ready," her mom called to them. "Well, are you ready to eat?" Britni asked. "Yes," he said. They walked hand in hand to the dining room. She didn't even realize they were holding hands until they stepped in the dining room. She quickly took her seat beside him. During dinner thay talked about careers,and families. Britni discoverd Damon had a sister named Danika Fallows. She was living in Virginia with a husband named Vincent Fallows and a daughter named Angelique Fallows who was only two.

An hour later they were in the living room sipping on wine and just chatting. They had been in the living room about an hour and a half. Britni looked at the clock, it was 10:30p.m. Her momma yawned. "I am getting tired, I think I am going to head on to bed," her momma said standing up and motioning to Paul. He got up taking the hint. "I guess I better head on home," Paul said. "Nonsense, it's late, you can stay the night with me, if you would like," her momma said. "Are you sure?" he asked. "Yes, come on," her mom said. "Ok," Paul said. "Goodnight, sweetie," her momma said kissing her cheek. "Good night, momma," Britni said. "Damon, it was really nice to meet you, you are welcome here anytime," her mom said. "Thank you, Mrs. Evans," Damon said kissing her hand. "Nice to meet you, Damon," Paul said and they shook hands. "You to," Damon said. "Goodnight, Britni," Paul said hugging Britni. "Goodnight," she said returning the hug. They soon headed upstairs and Britni heard her mom's door close.

"You are lucky to have people to love you as much as your mom and dad," Damon said. "Oh, Paul isn't my father," Britni giggled. "Oh, I'm sorry," he said. "It's ok, he might be my step-father soon, if he and my mother ever get married," Britni said. "Oh, if you don't mind me asking, where is your father?" Damon asked. "Maine, I think," Britni said. "He and my mother divorced four years ago," Britni said. "What happened," Damon asked. "Momma walked in on dad with another woman and she filed for a divorce," Britni said. "I'm sorry," Damon said. "Thanks, momma has been with Paul for two years and he is very good to her and I," Britni said. "That is good," Damon said. "I guess, I better get going," Damon said getting up. "No wait," she said grasping his hand. "Stay a little longer, please," she pleaded. He smiled. "I would like that," he said smiling as he sat back down. She smiled at him. "Could I tell you something," she asked. "Anything," he said. "When we met at the club I had these weird feelings especially when we touched for you, I can't explain it, but my mother told me the strangest thing," Britni said. She had his attention. "What was that," he asked. "She said Love at first sight," Britni said looking into his soft, warm blue eyes. He didn't look surprised. "Do you belive in that?" she asked him with a warmth in her eyes. "Yes, Britni, I do," he said. "Did you have those feelings for me?" she asked. "I have those feelings for you every since we first met," he said touching her cheek softly with his fingers. She felt like she would melt at the brush of his fingers on her skin. "Can I kiss you?" she asked. It shocked him, he didn't expect them to kiss just yet but how could he resist something he himself has wanted to do since they met.

He sat there as she leaned into him. They looked in each others eyes and then she felt his arms go around her waist. She leaned closer. She could feel his breath on her lips. Her heart raced. Then, she touched her lips to his softly. Her heart fluttered. He pulled her into his arms and they kissed. She felt his tongue part her lips and now explored the inside of her mouth. She moaned. As they kissed she felt the most private part of her body react to his kiss, his touches. She placed her arms around him. She felt him caressing her back. She did the same to his. Her most private spot tingled. She had never slept with a man. But she wanted this man to make love to her. Kyle had wanted to and she didn't. She thinks that is why he broke up with her, because she wouldn't sleep with him. She had told Kyle she wanted to wait until she was married. She was a virgin. But she wanted this man to make love to her. Damon Salinti. She felt one of his hands caress her breasts atop her clothing. She let him. He never went under her clothing just over them. Everytime he rubbed her breasts more she felt her private spot pulse. "Damon," she moaned against his lips. "Yes," he said. "Will you make love to me?" she asked. He stopped the kiss. "What?" he asked not sure he heard her right. She was blushing but she repeated the question. "Will you make love to me?"

"Britni, it is too soon, don't you think?" he asked. "Do you not want to make love to me?" she asked a bit hurt. "That's not it, we have only known each other a few days," he said. "I know, I can't help myself," she said looking into his eyes again and placed her hands on his chest. "Britni, there is something you need to know about me," he said. "I have a secret to," she said. "I am not like other guys, Britni," Damon said. "I know, I think that is why I think I am in love with you," she said. "What is your secret?" he asked curiously. "I have never slept with anyone," she said. "You are a Virgin?" he asked. "Yes," she said. He felt a nice, warm sensation run through him all the way to his private male part. "It is too soon," Damon said. "We must wait a little longer, I don't want you to think I am taking advantage of you," Damon said. "I wouldn't think that, I am the one that wanted you to make love to me," she said as he took her hands into his. "I know, but we should wait," he said. She looked hurt. "Perhaps, I should go," he said standing up again. "Please don't," she said. He glanced at the clock. It was almost 12:00 a.m.

"If we can't make love then just sit here and hold me awhile, Damon," she said. "Ok, Britni," he said sitting back down again. He took her into his arms. They kissed once more. It was much deeper this time. They were both fighting the urge off to make love. It was 1:00 a.m. now. "Britni," he whispered. She had fallen asleep in his arms. He got up and carried her to her room and laid her on her bed and covered her with a quilt he saw on a chair by her window. He kissed her lips softly and whispered, "I will come over tomorrow night." "I Love You, Britni," he whispered and he was gone. Britni's dreams were filled once again with Damon.

The next morning she woke up feeling really good. She heard Damon tell her he loved her. She was a bit relieved that he turned her down on the love making at least for now anyway. She really did want to wait until she was married but she wanted Damon to be the one, so much. She got up and dressed in a pair of jeans and a light blue t-shirt. She was off today and glad about it. Damon had also told her he would come back tonight. She was glad. She glanced at the clock. It was nine in the morning. "Oh man, momma's already gone, I want to tell her about last night," Britni told herself. She put on a pair of tennis shoes and went downstairs to fix her something to eat. She decided on a ham and cheese sandwich. As she was eating her sandwich and looking in the newspaper her cell phone rang. She got up and went to the living room where she had left her phone. It was Steven. "Hi, Steven," she said into the phone. "How are you today?" he asked. "I'm real good," Britni said. "You seem really happy, what's going on?" Steven asked. "Damon, came over for dinner last night and met momma and Paul," Britni said. "Really," Steven said. "Yes,"Britni said. "What did they think about him?" Steven asked. "I don't know, I just got up, momma and Paul were already gone," Britni said. "Oh," Steven said. "What are you going to do today?" Steven asked wanting to change the subject. "I don't know, nothing I guess," Britni said. "Do you want to hang out with me awhile?" he asked. "Sure, what did you have in mind?" she asked. "We could eat lunch, maybe shop, maybe a movie," Steven suggested. "Sure sounds like fun," Britni said. "Ok, I'll come get you in thirty minutes," he said. "Ok," she said. After they hung up she wrapped the rest of her sandwich up in a baggy and went upstairs to brush her teeth. She tried to call Damon after that but there was no answer.

She went to sit on the porch swing and wait for Steven. Steven soon pulled in her drive and they took off. "What do you want to do?" Steven asked. "We could eat some lunch, first I am a little hungry," she said since she didn't finish her sandwich. "Ok, where to eat," he said. "I kind of would like to have some pizza," Britni said. "Ok, Pizza Palace it is," Steven said. About ten minutes later they were in line at the Pizza Palace. "Have you talked to Alyssa today?" Steven asked. "No, I tried to call her yesturday, but couldn't get a hold of her," Britni said. "I tried to call her today and couldn't get a hold of her," Steven said as the line moved a bit. "Maybe she is out job hunting," Britni suggested. It was now their turn to order. They ordered a medium pizza and two sodas. As they sat down to eat Britni's phone rang. She hoped it was Damon. But it was Alyssa. "Alyssa, where are you?" Britni asked. "I'm home, what are you doing?" Alyssa asked. "Is Steven with you?" Alyssa asked. "Yeah, we are at the Pizza Palace," Britni said. "Ok," Alyssa said. "Why don't you come join us?" Britni asked. "I can't my mom needs me to help her here at the house," Alyssa said. "Well ok, call me later," Britni said. "Ok, can I talk to Steven before you hang up?" Alyssa asked. "Sure, hold on," Britni said handing Steven the phone. "She sounds odd," Britni whispered to Steven. He looked puzzled. "Hello," Steven said after he took the phone. "What's up?" he asked. They talked for about ten minutes and then he hung up and handed the phone back to Britni. "What's wrong?" Britni asked. "I don't know, she wants me to come over later, she sounds a bit down in the dumps," Steven said. "Why didn't she ask me to come?" Britni asked. "I don't know," Steven said. "I think, Alyssa likes you," Britni said taking a sip of her soda. "What, no way?" Steven said. "Yes way, when you two were dancing at that club together I could see a change in Alyssa when you two danced together on the first slow jam," Britni said. "How could that be?" he asked. "We have all been close friends awhile, but I think Alyssa wants a little more than friendship from you," Britni said taking a bite of her second slice of pizza. Steven was silent. "I don't know, Britni," Steven finally said a few minutes later. "I would ask her or discuss it, because if you do not feel the same way about her that I think she does you, she should know before it is too late," Britni said. "Don't you agree?" she added. "Yes," Steven said. "I guess so," he added.

"What about you and this Damon Salinti guy?" Steven asked needing to know. "What about him?" she asked. "Do you like him?" he asked. "Yes, I do," Britni said sweetly. "Did he kiss you last night?" Steven asked with a hint of jealousy in his voice. "I kissed him," Britni said. Steven's expression told her he did not like that. "Is that all you two did?" Steven asked. "Yes, I wanted to do more, but he was against it," Britni said. "Really," Steven said curiously. "Which I am kind of glad he resisted me, because I want to save my virginity for the man I marry," Britni said. "Are you telling me you are still a virgin?" Steven asked. "Yes, I am," Britni said. "You and Kyle never slept together?" Steven asked softly. "No, he wanted to, but I didn't want to, I wonder sometimes if that is why he broke up with me, because I wouldn't," Britni said. "Well, I never knew that and I am suppose to be your best friend," Steven said sitting back against the cushioned booth. "Well, I need to keep some secrets," Britni said. "So you are untouched," Steven said smiling. "Yes, I am," Britni said "and it will stay that way until I marry," she added. "But last night I wanted Damon to be that one," she said smiling to herself. "He has you under a spell or something," Steven said finishing his soda. "No way," Britni said. "Just be careful with the man, ok," Steven said. "I will, Steven," Britni said laughing to herself. Ten minutes later they were done eating and back in Steven's car. "Maybe, I should go see Alyssa," Steven said. "Yes, I think you should, we can hang out later or something," Britni said. "Ok," Steven said and he drove in the direction of her house. After he dropped her off she got her keys and got into her car and took off to find Damon's studio. She wanted to see him.

When she finally found it a sudden joy ran through her. It was open but Damon was no where to be seen. "Excuse me, sir," Britni said as she approached the man with his back to her behind the counter. "Yes, can I help you?" he asked as he turned. He looked to be in his thirties. He was tall and muscular. He had a head full of black hair past his shoulders a bit and had brown eyes. He was handsome but not as handsome as Damon. "I am a friend of Damon Salinti," she said. "Britni Evans," she added. "Yes, he mentioned you last night, what can I do for you?" the man asked. "Is he here?" Britni asked. "No, he is not in right now, Mrs. Evans," the man said. "Oh, well could you tell him I stopped by?" she asked. "Of course," the man said. "Thank you, Mr......," she began but cut herself off. "Oh, pardon me, my name is William Austin," he said holding his hand out to her. "I'm Damon's friend and art assistant," William Austin said as she took his hand and they shook. "Could I look around?" she asked. "Sure, go ahead," Mr. Austin said. "Thank you," she said. She looked around for a good ten minutes. They were lovely, everyone of his portraits. He had painted women, men, couples,still life, a few animals and sceneries. "Thank you, Mr. Austin," Britni said and walked towards the door. "You are very welcome," he said. Then she went out the door and climbed back into her car and headed home. Her mom still wasn't home. Britni went to her room and stretched out on her bed after turning her stereo on. She laid there a good while and drifted off to sleep. She dreamt of Damon. She was awakened by the sound of knocking at her door. "Britni," she heard her mom call from the other side. Britni glanced at the clock, it was four o'clock. "Come on in, momma," Britni said sitting up in her bed. "I just got home and wondered what you wanted for dinner tonight," her mom said. "Whatever you want is good, momma," Britni said. "So you aren't going out with Damon tonight?" her momma asked. "I don't know, he said he would come over tonight," Britni said. "Momma, could I ask you something?" Britni asked. "Of course, sweetie," her mom said leaning against the door frame. "After you and Paul went up to bed, Damon and I stayed in the living room and I asked him if I could kiss him and I did kiss him and my whole body felt it, I even wanted him to make love to me," Britni said. "Well," her mom said. "He resisted me, but I am kind of glad he did, but I really wanted him to make love to me," Britni said. "Why?" she asked her mom. "You love him, Britni, that is why, I would say you want him to be the one to give your virginity to, you want him to be the one you marry, don't you?" her mom asked. "For some unexplainable reason, I do, momma," Britni said. "It is not unexplaiable, you are in love with Damon and he is making your body come alive," her mom said. "That is love, sweetie," her mom said. "But do me one favor," her mom said. "Yes," Britni said. "I know you are an adult now, but do not have sex in this house when I am here, ok," her mom asked. "Sure, mom," Britni smiled. "And be very careful, because once your virginity is gone, there is no turning back," her mom said. "I know momma," Britni said and her mom left the room. "Momma, is right, once I have sex my virginity is history," Britni said to herself laying back down on her bed. A few minutes later she got up and took a long bubble bath. She soaked in the tub ubtil the water started to chill. After, she got out she blow dried her hair and left it all down. Then went to her closet in search of something to wear keeping Damon in mind. She picked out a red dress with black rose designs on it. It had thin straps. It stopped right above her knees. Then she put a pair of black sandals on. She sprayed a little perfume and relaxed on her bed awhile and began writing in her diary about Damon. She wrote two pages and closed the small red book and stuffed it back under her matress. It was 5:30 p.m., now. She hoped Damon would come soon. She turned on her side and looked out her window and drifted off to sleep once more. She was awakened again by a knock at her door. "Come on in, momma," she said stretching. As the door opened she turned to look straight into those warm blue eyes of Damon's. Her stomach fluttered. "Damon," she said finally. "Hello, Britni," he said smiling. "When did you get here?" Britni asked standing up. "About ten minutes ago, I have been having a most interesting conversation with your mother and then she suggested I should come up here to fetch you for dinner," Damon said. "I'm sorry, I woke you," he said walking to her. "It's ok, I didn't mean to fall asleep," Britni said. "So what did you and my momma talk about?" Britni asked. "You and me," he said. "Really," she said with her back to him. "Yes," he said walking up behind her and wrapping his arms around her. "You look radiant," he said kissing her cheek. "Thank you," she said closing her eyes as he caressed her cheek with his lips. She let her body go. She leaned into him. As they stood close she felt the bulge in his jeans against her bottom. Her blood raced through her body screaming for him. He began to caress her breasts with one hand and caressed her bottom with the other and his lips slid to the pulse in her neck caressed her there with his kisses. Then she felt his teeth scrape back and forth over her pulse and her heart skipped a beat.

It took all the control he had not to take her blood right then and there that would connect them forever. He wanted to take her right then and there and make her his, but he could not. He needed to tell her what he was and soon. But he was afraid she would fear him and not want to be a part of his immortal life. "Will you come with me?" he asked against her cheek. "Where?" she asked. "To my place, there is something I must tell you," he said. "Of course, I will come with you," Britni said turning in his arms so she now faced him and she stood up on her toes and placed her lips against his for a long, passionate kiss. As they kissed she felt the bulge now close to her private center hardening as the kiss got deeper and longer. "Are you ready?" he asked breaking the kiss before this went any further. "Sure," Britni said in a strange tone. He took her hand and they headed downstairs. "Momma, we're going out," Britni said. "Ok, sweetie, be careful," her momma called from the kitchen. They were soon on the front porch and walking toward a black limosine. "Is that yours?" she asked in amazement. "Yes,"she said. "Wow, I have never rode in a limo before," she said as he opened the door for her. After she got in, he followed soon after. "To my place, Thomas," Damon said to the driver. All the way to his place she wondered what his house would be like. It was a silent drive, all but the soft music in the background. THIS STORY I AM GOING TO TRY TO CONTINUE IN ANOTHER PORTFOLIO IF I CAN.

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