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this is the sample of a (hopfuly) soon to be teen writer.
Puny humans running about living this hell the call life. Not knowing that there are creatures out their that would kill them on sight, not knowing what real struggle is.  They need to learn what its like to be hunted because of what you are, My name is shadow Axe and this is my story.

It was 1934 when it started I was a child of 9 I first witnessed it.  I saw a man tackled by some one and dragged into a ally-way.  When I ran to see what happened there was no one in the ally.  I was to young to realize that the ally was a dead end and there was know were to go, but I just kept quiet about what happened.  6 years later I was on my way home when I saw some one tackled by the same man and dragged into the same ally-way.  This time I ran to help and when I got there saw the man, no not man, it jump over the 30 foot wall in one leap.  I ran scared to my house and told my parents what I saw.  They, of course thought it was just my imagination.  2 years latter I was walking at night in the forest surrounding the little town I call home.  I was with my friend matt when I thought I saw a wolf fallowing us I can’t remember exactly what happened but it was as if in the time it took to pass a tree the wolf was replaced by a man.  He had no clothes on but he looked like he needed help.  Me and matt went to give him a hand. He had a broken leg and a bad cut on his shoulder.  I ran to get help while matt stayed to watch him. When I got back with help he and matt were gone they called me crazy when I told them about the wolf I saw.  They found matt s miles west all torn up as if something had eaten part of him the investigation was called of when they found the body.  He had been drinking and they said animals probably attacked him.

Later that month I graduated from high school that wash when I got really interested in what was happening.  My father got called to work so he dropped my mom off at the graduation and went to work, which he would soon regret.  The graduation went fine, after the ceremony however I was invited to a party. my mom asked me to walk her home put my friends pushed me not to. So my mom walked home.  I don’t know when it was but some time on the way home she was jumped and killed.  They7 found her the same way they found matt in the same opening in the forest.  I would later find out what was so important about that -

“Shadow?”  Shadow Axe was called out of writing.

“ya ice.”  Ice was one of the friends who had chosen to be changed with Shadow Axe.  There was a few of them who had taken to the change and others just left him.  Oh the change refers to the change from human to vampire. Ice stood about 5 foot 9. he had a “wangster” look to him. Hen wore sagged sweats all the time, a black pullover sweatshirt. Having not fought Shadow when he was changed he was the weakest on their bloodline.

“The guys wanted to meat up tonight, Go to Mort Vivant.” Mentioned ice hoping shadow could find time to pull away from his writing.

“Sorry man I got plans with blood tonight.  He said he found some new place to feed.” Blood referring to bloodlust the one who changed Shadow.

“All right talk to ya later man” Ice replied deflated as he shut the door on his way out.

Shadow looked at the clock it was 9:30 pm He was supposed to meet Blood at 10 o’clock.  He got up and put his shirt on.  Shadow stood about 6 foot 4 he had a good build but not to big he wore a black T-Shirt with a huge picture of the wraith (the 6th jokers card in the Insane Clown Posse albums) he wore 2 Gold Chains around his neck and a pendent. It was the cross only upside down with 2 vipers around it.  He had numerous tattoos the only visible ones were Cerberus on his right arm right above the elbow,  a cobra raped around his left fore arm, juggalo Family across the top of his wrists and the Norse wolf god on his right for arm.  He wore semi baggy black jeans. His black hair was kept short but long enough to spike.  He seemed like a just a normal gothic 17 year old, all except his flame red eyes showing he was one of the stronger in his bloodline.

As he walked outside he noticed ice and the others going down the street. There was snipe who was just about tied with Shadow in power, he wore his black Korn shirt and faded jeans. Then there was Zodiac he was probably the one who welcomed the healing power more than any thing. Before they were changed Zodiac was in a wheel chair he had Losteogenisis inprofecto. Which in English means he couldn’t walk with out breaking his legs.  The vampirism had fixed that. He was 5 foot 6 and wore a black Twiztid over shirt over a black “Green Book” T-Shirt (The green book being a Twiztid album.)  and black jeans.  He wore a lock on a chain around his neck, and referred to it as the lock to his heart.  He had a skeleton back tattooed on his back; the only part that was visible right now was the top of the spine.  His hair was black with blond tips and was worn down. He wore a black fedora hat and sun glasses.

He watched for a moment until they turned the corner toward Las Noches. Then he turned to head the other direction of town to meet blood. They lived in Misery the main vampire town on the west cost.  The only town left with any of their bloodline in it.  When he got to the edge of town he saw blood leaning on a tree talking to Jordan.  Blood got his name for his liking in pain and his blood red eyes, and hair showing that he is the strongest in their bloodline.  He wore a blood red t-shirt with the anarchy sigh on it black woodland camo pants and a black leather trench coat, Jordan was bloods girlfriend she wore all black with a black pullover sweater. 

As shadow approached she turned and left.
“what is she leaving for?” asked shadow as he just got in ear shot of Blood.
“she knows that I want to speak to you alone.”
“So What’s this about?”
“Fallow me” Blood gestured in the way of the forest as he began to walk.
                  *                *                      *
Kacie was just waking up. Not being able to sleep she thank god it was Saturday, and she didn’t have to go to school the next day.  She had had a long day partying with some friends and was to hyped to go to sleep. So she decided to jog to the forest were she spent a lot of time thinking about stories to write. So hoping that a walk in the wilderness would calm her down, she got dressed.  Kacie was about 5 foot 7, she had a body to die for and wore mostly black, being her favorite color. She had long black hair with blond highlights that reached the middle of her back.  She wore a silver viper necklace and a charm bracelet on her right wrist. Tonight she slipped into a black tank top, a black pullover sweeter, blue jeans and black converse. She slipped past her mother’s door and down the stair not wanting to wake her mother. She usually jogged 1 mile every day but being so hyped she decided 2miles wouldn’t kill her. She said a mental bye to her mother on the way out the door and left for the forest.  When she arrived at the forest she noticed that it was unusually lit. To calm down she decided to walk to the clearing in the forest she usually spent time in.

                            *                                *                                *

Shadow fallowed blood for about 50 yards to the edge of a clearing and knelt down on one knee. Shadow fallowed his lead. 
“See that girl out there?” asked blood
“Ya, what about her?” asked shadow wondering if the only reason he was brought here was to look at a hot girl blood liked.
“She comes here almost every day. I have reason to believe that she’s with the werewolf’s.”
‘”Reasons such as?” asked shadow hearing the being which rivaled the vampire for thousands of years.
“Just call it a hunch; I want u to find out what school she goes to and enroll, I need you to keep an eye on her. Anything saying she’s with the wolfs …kill her.”

                    *                                    *                                  *           
As Kacie woke up she had the weirdest feeling she was being watched.  She couldn’t quite figure out were she was. As the grogginess slowly disappeared she realized a black figure standing over her.

“Do you make it a habit of falling asleep in the middle of the woods? You know it can be dangerous, at certain times.” He seemed to whisper this last part looking to the edge of the clearing as if watching something she could not see.

She then realized the black figure was a young man about 18. Not just any man but a handsome man. He was in a black tee shirt, black jean, with black converse. He wore silver cross with red outlined cross in the center. His hair was jet black and a few strands fell down to partly cover his eyes. His eyes that was what attracted her to him. They stood out from the rest of the outfit. They were black, almost pure black. She realized she was losing herself in his appearance and quickly drew herself back to reality.

No I just couldn’t sleep last night and went for a walk hopping the cool night air would calm me down,” she answered.

“Apparently it worked well. What is your name?”

Kacie Gregham, yours?” she asked countering his question.
“sh” he broke off as if thinking “Kyle. Kyle Merkum” he seemed to stumble over his own last name.
“Well let’s get back to town, I bet your getting hungry.”
“You practically read my mind”
He helped her up and they began walking the same way she had gone countless times.  The walk wasn’t a long one but it was quiet.
“So what school do you go to?” Kyle asked breaking the silence
“Dark Wood High-”
“No way!” he said cutting her off “I just enrolled there Friday.”
They reached the edge of town.
“Cool I should get home my moms going to kill me. I guess I’ll see ya in school.”
Ya See ya later” And with his answer they went separate ways for the day.

Shadow headed back to his house in new blood. As he arrived he noticed the streets empty most vamps would be sleeping this early in the morning. Ashe got into his house out back of Mort Vivant; he immediately sat at hi computer and began to write more on his biography.

                            *                            *                                  *

Bang Bang Bang “Shadow ya in there” Bang Bang Bang “its blood open up.”
Shadow woke up to the computer screen. Apparently he fell asleep at the computer.
“I need to talk to you” Bang bang
“Coming shit I just woke up”
Shadow got up changed his clothes, and went to the door.
“You weren’t kidding. It nearly 12 o’clock at night what are you doing sleeping?”
“I had a long day doing your dirty work.” He said with just a hint of anger in his voice.
“I didn’t say u had to stay up all day and watch her, I said find the school and enroll.”
“Sorry your fight I’m just a bit irritable, I didn’t feed last night.”
That’s all right. Lets go to mort Vivant, your friends are waiting for u, and I’m sure you can find a donor.” This last fact was true most of the humans is Mort Vivant were there because they liked having their blood sucked
“Ok I’ll be out in a sec.” blood turned on his heel in a hurry to get out of shadows way. He was not to be messed with when he hadn’t fed in a while. He could take shadow of course he was the strongest in the line, but hey were to good of friends for that. And shadow had good self-control; witch was wearing thin because of the lack of blood.

As blood left shadow closed the door. He knew why blood had offered to go to Mort Vivant. Blood didn’t like it there so there was one reason he would offer to go there, free blood.  Blood knew how bad shadow needed blood so he offered the easiest spot. Shadow continued getting ready pushing the thought of blood out of his mind. He put his gloves on, grabbed his jacket, and put on his necklace.  On the way out the door he stopped noticing that he had a reflection. It was more visible than usual, but still faint. That was one of the flaws that vamps couldn’t fix, their reflections the more powerful the vamp the fainter the refection. He turned as he noticed the other flaw, a scar it was the scar he had gotten when he was changed. Blood’s girl at the time had tried to kill him and left a nice scar across his chest and around his right side to his mid back. It had hurt like hell being done with a silver blade. He opened the door and him and blood left for the club.

When they got to the block mort Vivant was on they could already hear the blasting death metal music.  It was always playing that loud which mad it surprising that the whole world didn’t know about new bloodvile.
As they entered it was easy to find blood and the others. Ice was one of the 2 in their bloodline alcohol effected and no one knew why it did, but as a result he was dancing on a table with his shirt of, a bottle of vodka in his hand, and what shadow assumed was ice’s own underwear on his head.

“Hay Shadow”
“Ya Man” Shadow answered surprised he could hear blood over the music.
talk to some old friends. Get some blood and have some fun I’ll meat up with you latter.”
“Alright see ya latter man.”

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