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A new look at God
                Divine Intelligence: God Outside The Box

          It is no wonder that some people do not believe in God.  God, as presented by fundamental Christianity, is a vindictive tyrant who watches and waits for you to blunder then unleashes his wrath; punishment for your sins -- yet, you are expected to believe that he loves you immensely. This God allows wars, poverty, unspeakable suffering, sickness and many other atrocities that can in no way be associated with love. Even the staunchest Christian, in the midst of a dark hour, may find his faith in such a God waning as he beseeches deliverance that doesn't come. This is why I do not believe in God either;  at least not God as he has been doled out to the masses throughout history as an all sovereign demiurge that distributes calamity or fortune at his whim. I believe instead in an impersonal creative energy that is bound by immutable Universal Law to be a respecter of no man.  It will not -- cannot -- intervene in the affairs of man, ever.  I refer to this energy as Divine Intelligence.  You may call it what you will – even God, if you like.  I sometimes do myself.

          If the Bible is perused with the awareness of the possibility of such a phenomenon as Divine Intelligence, one would find that much, if not all biblical reference to God makes more logical sense.  Pay very close attention to what the Bible says about God and man, and here you will find the Laws that set the parameters of Divine Intelligence, and man’s place in the scheme of things; including the one that I mentioned above – God being a respecter of no man.  This is not to be taken as a frivolous character trait of a mythical deity as hereto now presented.  But rather this is an actual law that governs the vast, expansive, intelligent, creative force that controls the universe,  Divine Intelligence.  It does not give consideration to man because it cannot do this anymore than an apple could fall upwards from a tree.

          The figurehead, plastic model of God who sits on high in some unknown place called heaven, is a construct of powerful leaders from ancient time to the present.  They have intentionally misled and confused the masses as to the actual nature of God.  Why, you say, would they do that?  The answer is quite simple and one you’ve heard or read many times before –  if man knew who or what God is, then he would know who he is because he was made in God’s image.  If we were all able to comprehend that we ourselves are gods, with the same power within us that created the heavens and the earth, then no man could possess another.  We are merely individual satellites of the same Mother Ship, the same Divine Intelligence commonly known as God.  This is why the Bible tells us that God is “everywhere,” because this force exists in everything including man.  This is also why Jesus constantly reminded those who marveled at the miracles he performed that they had the ability to do the same.

          Divine Intelligence, as I have stated, is rendered impotent to intervene in man’s affairs by law.  The only other variable in this equation is man himself.  While law prevents Divine Intelligence from possessing volition that it can act upon, man has the ability to use this creative intelligence to craft the circumstances he desires.  Divine Intelligence responds to man’s thoughts by manifesting what he believes.  Thus biblical verses that refer to belief being the prerequisite to receive have their basis in this.  Belief is any thought held in man’s consciousness.  Many enlightened thinkers understand this concept well.  Mother Teresa, for instance, has been reported to have said while she would not attend a war protest she would however, attend a rally for peace.  Whether the thought be of love or hate, fear or courage, good or evil, is immaterial to Divine Intelligence.  It is only necessary that the thought be held with sufficient emotion or conviction for creative energy to begin to move.

          The thoughts we hold are constantly creating our world and the universe. The tragedies of this world are nothing more than the mere out-picturing of all individual consciousnesses, which collectively make up the race consciousness.  The Bible repeatedly says ask and you shall receive and all things are possible if you believe.  This is always interpreted one way, as referring to good.  However evil and malevolent occurrences are possible and exist because we believe in, and thereby  ask for them, as well. The moment we stop believing in war, sickness, violence, and even death itself, these phenomena will no longer exist.  The many references in the Bible regarding eternal life are not meant for some distant after life, but man on this earthly plane.

          It is well enough that this universal power, Divine Intelligence, exists.  What is even more inviting is that this energy force is at our disposal. We, being made in its image, are in fact one in the same as It.  To his own demise, man’s ignorance of his divine inheritance and his place in the order of things has allowed the catastrophes we see manifested on the planet, and the perpetuation of the evil we despise.  Rather than a fictitious, heartless, egomaniacal God that allows immense suffering and lack among humanity, what we have is a Divine intelligence that cannot act outside of itself to affect change on man's condition.  Being made in the image of It, however, by consciously directing his thought towards any desired end, man has the ability  to summon the power of Divine Intelligence, which seeks to always give him what he has asked for according to what he holds in his mind and in his heart.

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