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An article dealing with the bizzare, popular phenomenon that is Pottermania.
My dear blissfully ignorant Muggles, this article is meant exclusively for you. Come July and you will find an uncontrollably outbreak of severe bouts of Potterfever spreading like wildfire around our very own planet. Before you mock these unfortunate- or should I say fortunate? - patients of this chronic illness with looks of contempt and disdain, take some time off to spare this phenomenon a thought.
        ‘Pottermania’ or ‘Potterfever’, as it is called (a name for which I am to be credited with!), has grasped at least a fair few million fanatic readers around the globe (I proudly claim to be one of them). Oh Muggles, do you really think that around ten million people have their notions wrong about this seemingly ‘puerile and time- wasting’ series, and that the minority who detest Potter stand alone justified? I think contradictory.

         Your average, unemployed British lady from Chepstow (who goes by the name of Joanne) suddenly struck gold with a single book topping the bestseller list. Luck, you may thoughtlessly remark. I think not. Just like the golden eras of the royalty, Hollywood, Bollywood, or even Poirot, we are facing another epoch in literary works- that of the Potter era. Never again will a time come where scores and scores of people sacrifice their sleep to stay wide awake all night outside bookstores just to get their trembling hands onto the latest copy of Harry Potter. Never will we sweat it out in our sleep, trying to work out what and where the next Horcrux is, nor will we pour tears of grief and wrath at the death of our favourite characters. The future generations will be alien to pre- release jitters or countdowns, or even the good old speculations and bets. They will know the Harry Potter series as a whole elephantous plot, a completed one with all questions answered. No mystery or suspense there. They could never fell the extreme thrill shooting down their spines when question after burning question is answered in the final installment of the series.

         They are indeed unlucky. We should be immensely thankful that we are existing in electrifying times, where a single children’s series blasted its way into history textbooks as an astoundingly brilliant piece of literary artifact.

         July 21st will sadly mark the end of the age of the Potters and Riddles, though not completely (there still are the movies to look forward to!). What to you think will happen to us hard- core fans (besides, of course, shedding an ocean of tears)? Nothing much. We will continue to breathe on in steady admiration of J.K. Rowling (for the beginners- she’s the author of it all!!), carrying forth our inspirations and opinions (and not to mention our fantastic sleuthing abilities) to our descendants, to create an enchanting lifetime of Potterfever for all to cherish and treasure throughout!
         Now, I do hope this has lowered those raised eyebrows and knocked in some sense into the Anti- Potter League. If not, pick up the book, and get reading (nothing else can save you from our ‘deathly’ hands now)!
May the Potters (and Weasleys and Grangers) reign forever!
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