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This is a comprehensive list of stories that I am currently working on. COMMENTS WANTED!!!
So, here we are. The first entry. I figured I might as well be honest with anyone who so happens upon my little section of cyberspace. Frankly, I'm stuck. I have several ideas running around my head and my computer. All are wonderful, coming to fruition, and begging me to finish them. Below I have listed my current projects and a breif description of each. Comments are fantastic at this point. Please help me. Tell me what sounds good to you and I will gladly finish them. TheBIG work isn't listed here as it isn't even started (except in the planning stages) and I don't plan to post it on the internet. It is my baby, and hopefully, I will see it in print. Anyway, here's the list. Tell me what you think.

1.) The Freedom Five- This is a story that is still in the development stages. It is the documenting of the lives of five superheroes, how they grow up together, the gaining of the power, and the continuing adventures of the super group, including the forming of the Malefactors, a group of super villains that threaten the peace and freedom of those living in Pentopolis City. This story not only looks at the background of superheroes and their psyche, but also it looks at defenders of society and, and those that want to bring it down, not as super beings, but as humans with emotions and obstacles that rival our own.

2.) Gypsy Boy from the Dark Side of the Moon- This is a novella that I have already begun writing. Taken from scenes from my own life, it documents the story of a young man named James and his factination with a teenage Romani boy named Johathan Lunestra. A coming of age story and a tale of forbidden romance, this is one of the ones I'm having a really good time writing. I hope you enjoy reading it too, because I really plan on posting this one when it's done.

3.) The Glass Garden- This is a fantasy story that I also like to call "The Tale of the Black Mage and the White Knight." Set in another world known as Tir Na 'Og, in a country known as Faeja, Melvin Harper, a True Necromancer, and Rowan Linstrarte, a squire in service to the Spirit of Peace, travel to the Northern Forest of the Elves for their own reasons. Along the way, they soon discover a secret vendetta older than the modern countries that could threaten the races and only they know the way to stop it. However, personal polotics, a corrupt headmaster, and a puppet king thwart them from all corners. Can they save the races or will outside influences deliver the world to the hands of a darkness older than time?

4.) The Warehouse Warriors- This a multi-step serial that I have been playing with for quite awhile. It details the lives and loves of a group of friends living and working in the heart of the Austin, TX gay district. It has a very interesting storyline and I would be thrilled to see how it develops. I'll get started on it eventually. Promise. 0=P

5.) Timeless Art: The Rampage of Mona Lisa- This is a story that I have been playing with for years. Set in Atlanta, Georgia in the late twentieth century, this three part story tells the tale of the dark side of the city, ruled by a bloodthirsty Parliment, a ruthless Prime Minister, and their entire legion of vampires. The Prime Minister is Angelina Morisson, an english lady from the 16th centruy, whose cool calculating mind could put Machiavelli to shame. Also loose in the city, is a group of Anarchists led by a demented artist known only as Mona Lisa. Angelina and her top advisors, Richard Birmingham, CEO of a top company in the city, and Rebecca Valentine, a zoologist and director of the Atlanta Sanctuary of Animals, must do anything in their power to stop Mona Lisa and her minions before the city is turned upside down and the mortals finally discover the true nature of shadow....before the destroy it from fear.

So, there you have it. Please tell me what you think. I'm dying to hear from each and every one of you. Until then, I'll keep working on whatever project suits me for the day. Talk to you later, and remember, art will always survive.....
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