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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Supernatural · #1260528
Raphael is a lost soul cursed; She is cursed as well only mentally
Written for KiyaSama's Contest Round 45! (Note: The Mighty Ink Is written For Round46)

A Picture Is Worth A 1000 Words Contest  (ASR)
Write a story in 1000 words or less to a given picture prompt. [Hiatus!]
#1101926 by iKïyå§ama

In this room where I lie I will not rot. To face the curse of a one-sided love that served more of my apocalyptic-vice. She's coming now. This time I will prevail...

" Miss Valentine?" I heard a voice.

" NO! STAY AWAY!" I awoke and saw HIM again.

" Miss Valentine it's me remember Dr. Clerks, I'm here to tell you that your father has - despite my reluctance - has allowed you to buy that place..." he, he was the man from before...Daddy, daddy told me that he could help.

"Oh." Daddy does not talk to me anymore, " I'm sorry..." I'm crying now, " I thought you were..."

It happens to me at times. I lose sight of reality. Ever since I saw that murder when I was a child: That man ripping out that other man's heart...noticing me...throwing it to me...I was good at baseball…It was so red and fleshy...

" Take it as a Valentine's day gift..." he told.

I saw that it still pulsated:
" My name is Alexandra Sophie Valentine." I was in a trance. Watching the heart 'die' in my hands: Everything went blank.

Now I'm twenty-five and I'm...I'm an embarrassment for Daddy. Yes Kirk Valentine that accomplished neuro-surgeon suggests it, hints on it, I'm so not able to think straight. He puts it down like a nail on my face.

I couldn't do many things by myself. When I was four I found out my mother was a patient of my father's; I really did not question the condition she was in all I knew that she died and it was all. I had not many relations and I had no true friends. I just knew something was wrong with me. And so I was easily betrayed.

Rick , my ‘best friend’ manipulated me and got my virginity. All my ‘friends’ used me period. And things befell me like I was being stoned, my father would comment:

" You are the ultimate bad luck anyone can have."


My room is immaculate. In this reservoir of silence I have lived. For the years that have passed, all I had were dreams. In time those dreams became perverted and twisted and soon took shape as reality. That was my only escape. My immortal mind could open portals at times. With it I beckoned HER closer.

This Prison will stay. As Long as SHE walks I must pay for this curse. I must overlook the cause of my sins. But how can I?

Her sweet tenderness, those eyes that spoke poetry and inspired Shakespeare's Portia, Desdemona, Ophelia - for him she was the muse, for me all the treasures mortality and immortality could hold.

I have heard Will has gained fame for her, his female characters are referred to many at times in modern literature. Funny, I had thought Will meek, not everlasting. We underestimate our futures very heavily.

My dark powers allow me to fashion my room as I please. I have changed it countless times to suit the century. It is pristine white now. My sheets, my walls - Like her on the day I met her.

Lilith - those pools that had been the finest quality of ink, now scorns me as crows eating on a corpse!

Look at me! I am bones! This is what love has done to me! This is...eternity...

I should have accepted HER fate. She was femme fatale, a mistress of a noble man. I had discovered it late. Her sweet reasons for the act: poverty, abandonment, hopelessness - I fell into the net of misled sympathies. It was the plague; she was dying.

" Give me a cure Raphael Stigma…Do not let me become bones and dust...I beg of you release me...”

She had requested. As the foolish servant I delivered. I went to the unholy practitioner. He gave me the disease:

" Your soul shall never sleep Raphael - it will be encased in your bones. Your flesh will feed her soul and she will become immortal and you as well and your lives will be entwined but without the handsome face you possess. It cannot have a reverse!"

I succumbed to the painful cure only to watch her leave, " Why should I possess sympathy for bones and dust..."

Wretched wench! I will make you pay! All I wanted was your happiness! But you abused the gift I gave you! You killed mercilessly! Ate their flesh! You ate their flesh!


" This girl is the perfect vessel Raphael. Her mother passed her into me. I think her Daddy knows what's wrong with her. MPD he believes - see he can't forget how she ate that man's heart, then his lungs, then his -"

" Stop it WENCH!”

" Raphael your curse has made me into something so inhuman it delights me. Before I feared it now - the taste - face it love you have created a monster."

" I believe 'Beauty is Skin deep' has its claim. You used me."

" Choking on words Raphael. Look at you; bones and dust. I got these dark powers Raphael, well when I ate that man you went to for this little magic-trick..."

"Demon!" I could only throw some objects at her. The lamp, the telephone, Pillows. She slashed threw them with a dagger.

" This will be the final feast..." she looked at me hungrily, " You don't have to wait for me...we can be one NOW..."

She started eating my skeletal legs. This girl she possessed. What has she become...but then I felt it...she was dying...

" What's Happening!" with froth escaping her lips. My flesh was returning. The demon was to be purged. She did not know. Without me she had no life.

That innocent one awakens, " Where am I is SHE gone?"

" Yes."

She stares at me, " Do I know you?"

" We met the night you saw my soul throwing you that man's heart."
(1000 words)
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