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Autism is known as a puzzle and this essay speaks about my encounter.
                                                  The Puzzle

      I never fathom the idea of a puzzle defeating me and even though today I think hard on it I refuse to believe that one ever could.

    As a child I always enjoyed the challenge of a good puzzle and also was overjoyed by the resulting piece of art. From 10 pieces to 5,000 pieces, there was a time when I would look forward with anticipation to the challenge of a good puzzle and the rewards of that image, that completion, that sense of achievement and the notion that I must be pretty darn smart to figure out this mess of little cumbersome pieces, which filled gift box lids all over my dining room table.  From sorting shapes and colors individually to the idea of sitting with a love one and trying to find pieces that fit the big picture, every aspect of the puzzle brought me joy and happiness.
No puzzle was to hard, too big, or to nerve wrecking for me. A puzzle defeating me?, a puzzle I couldn't solve?...never. There is a saying that comes to mind today," Never Say Never".

    Well, I have to say I have been taken by surprise, for there is a puzzle I didn't buy, or asked for, and one I never thought I would have to deal with. Is not one of those 1000 piece landscape ones; or even those giant, all snow fields, same shape ones. This puzzle I never wanted but nonetheless it’s on my table, all laid out and I am ...trying to figure out the pieces and trying to remind myself that behind those little cumbersome pieces, which are all laid out in a big mess, there is a beautiful work of art.
No puzzle before this one has made my eyes water, my soul ache and my heart break daily; but this one has, and how much it has. I never thought I could sob uncontrollably over a puzzle, but then again I never had  to deal with the most complicated, more complex and the most widely distributed puzzle out there…Autism.

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