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Sometimes Words are misleading and words are all we have...
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Her face was an object of dreams: The sweet pinkness of her skin and the meticulously kept golden: wavy sunlight that was her hair. It was obvious that beauty was personified from her. What more could a man want?

If brains were questioned did she lack the bounty of those special grey matters? NO. She was a prodigy. However, she wasn't sans faults. The genius is said to be the root of flaws.

This princess who was to be compared to Aphrodite, What was her flaw?

Could Love ever be a flaw? Was love ever a flaw - yes, one-sided love, the obsession of loving TOO MUCH. Thinking of one all the time was a path to destruction no matter how literature and lyrics beautified it. Tatu's ' I've lost my mind’ talks of love that is normal yet one who loses their mind in love must lose it willingly in sense or else obsession would emerge. The princess who was so perfect could not discern the philosophy.

The princess was Meredith Annie Hawkins. She was the dream empress of logic and beauty or so that is what her boyfriend had commented. She had written it in her journal:

June 22nd 2007
Jeremy said I was the dream empress of Logic and Beauty. IT meant that I was beautiful to HIM.

She always was lying on her front on the floor when she wrote. It rattled her brains and encased her in a captivating position. She wore light make up most of the times when she wrote. Her pinkish eye-shadow matching slightly with the porcelain of her skin and then her hair all down with her chin in her hand, looking yonder into her own world. This was her 'ritual' for writing and many had said she was eccentric for such behaviourisms. A genius was surely the root of flaws.

He was her muse, her love, her obsession, her everything: " Jeremy we can make love tonight if you want?"

"Sure." she didn't notice his indifferent, dull and vague mode of speaking around such a particular issue.

After lovemaking her eyes fluttered with butterflies as ecstasy erupted with volcanic force. His expression was flat and like an inexperienced virgin's whose need to 'experiment sexuality' was over for the raging hormones had died. Meredith didn't notice. Her lover was satisfied and that was the only reasonable thing.

" To live without love
Is a curse unending
With one kiss that isn't platonic
The heart finds its true identity."

...And many more poems would she write for her beau. Not all were given to him but they were ardently written poetry. Minute after minute, hour after hour the young lady sewed her fabric that designed her love. Signs of a thunderous infatuation were evident. But, to the perfect princess it was love.

" Isn't it orthodox for the MAN to write to the WOMAN." Jeremy sneered at the poetic papers, allowing frowns to appear on his handsome face.

She looked with a naive expression, " Don't you like it...?" there was a panic in her tone. The poor princess was in the clouds.

" Yeah, it's ok..." he commented as he hugged her. One would have noticed his gaze turning to the girl called Amy.

8th August, 2007
Do I deserve this? God, why, God why, WHY? Jeremy has been sleeping with Shelly for four months we started dating five months ago! I should have known! I should have known! No...this isn't the truth! I caught Jeremy with Amy, Amy BoldSmith; she was that science student, a year junior to me in High School. She's in the same college as me...she was in his room...in HIS bed...moaning away...as...he was...I demanded an explanation...I demanded an explanation and Jeremy...he hit me...he hit me...he told me to Shutup...I hit him with the lamp. He screamed...he screamed, "Bitch you were a lousy lay anyway!" I gave him my life! My life was his...I was such a fool!

Actually she was just holding her pen, sitting in her ritualistic style, laying on her front on the floor of her bedroom; wearing her favourite make-up. But she was holding the pain as her hand held her chin. She hadn't written a word. There was a dreamy expression on her face. She was looking into her own world. The tears followed:

Then...I went to Colt's place. He was always such a good neighbour to me back home. He also lives around campus now. I told him what happened. He was so nice he gave me a nice cool glass of orange juice...a favourite...he consoled me on his sofa...then...he got...close..." Meredith," he was really close as he said my name,
" Don't think about Jeremy I'm here." he then grabbed me and he pulled my jeans down...and...he started to rape me...I screamed...I thought no one would come...the last person I thought...to come...to save me...Ash...the boy I didn't like...the boy who was Jeremy's best friend...the boy who told me not to date Jeremy...Was he following me...I thought I heard him calling me when I was running out of Jeremy's dorm...he beat up Colt...Called him a filthy, dirty bastard...I passed out...I actually did...two people I trusted the most have betrayed me...but...Ash...he was the one I should have trusted...I messed up...I don't wanna...anymore...I hope Ash can forgive me... he looks so peaceful...I think Colt shot him...

As her vision cleared she saw Ash on her bed. Her sheets were blood soaked for his wound from Colt's firing at him at his left arm. With that dreamy expression, her lips slightly parted in her gaze and her pen still in her hand. she realized it would good to call 911 before Ash died of blood loss. The poor princess kept gazing as Ash's unconscious body writhed in pain. To her he was a hero: A man to be treasured.

She then knew she had to move despite her trauma...only the pen was, it was Ash's ? - she really wanted to keep it.

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