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by SJames
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Readers sound off on college massacre

Thirty-two innocent people were brutally killed Monday morning on the Virginia Tech campus, including students and professors. The complete death count was 33, as the gunman turned the gun on himself when all was said and done. We all need to say a prayer for the victims and their families, as well as for the students who are left, because they were all victims of this unnecessary violence.

It's a sad world when you have to worry about sending your children off to school, whether it be a grade school, high school or a college campus. We are at war within ourselves and we don't even notice it, and for those of us who do, we ignore. It's not our problem, right? Wrong.

I for one am tired of reading about yet another lost soul who had no other option so he went out and viciously murdered innocent people. Where were this boy's parents? How did nobody around him see the signs? Were the signs just ignored? What kind of values were instilled in him when he was growing up?

I hear people make comments all of the time about today's youth and the future state of our world. My response is, why are these kids running rampant in the first place? Did you ever stop to think why the kids of our generation act like this and they didn't 60 years ago? Could it possibly be because people aren't taking the time to raise their kids right? Your responsibilities to your children don't end with their birth.

You are supposed to teach them right and wrong, good from bad, and respect. These are all things that are lacking greatly today, and it's something that is a parent's responsibility to instill.

I am truly afraid to be bringing up my children in this world. It's like we are sending them off to war on a daily basis, and that frightens me.

The world needs to wake up. It's not going to get any better with you sitting back and ignoring it. Make a difference; don't just shake your head and say how sad it is. Teach your kids. They learn from your example. Love them and in the process that will help them learn to love.

If a change doesn't come soon, what will we have left?
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