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by I_AM
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The following is a spiritual poem I wrote which displays my ideas of unconditional love.
My Love,
Listen as I speak the divine language of the leaves and trees,
Embrace the love nectar of honey from the bees,
Hear the secret message in the wind and in the sea,
While slowly contemplating truth in silence on my knees.

My Love,
What I speak of is even a mystery to me,
I have yet to perfect this notion you see,
It’s just an idea of what real love should be,
It’s my formulary to inner ecstasy.

My Love,
My Love is what I speak of,
The essence as I have begun to know from above,
No lies, deceit, or restrictions be loved,
As free, as high, as flown the sacred white dove.

My Love,
No paperwork, prenups, or contracts to sign,
The truth be told their meanings benign,
But many still choose to follow in line,
Allowing vows of marriage to paralyze Love's spine.

My Love,
I choose to Love regardless of ALL,
There is no mountain to climb, it is impossible to fall,
Choose any door in the mystery hall,
My love bears no judgment, forever enduring without stall.

My Love,
Never to ponder the thought of not Loving you,
Unchanged even by the event of you Loving two;
I honor sacred teachings of Love and can see all through,
How undeniable is this Love when all this is true.

My Love,
There shall be no jealousy or envy felt inside of me,
There can be no victim when none are seen guilty,
Accepting all possible outcomes of this infinite entity,
Knowing truth of the journey of my conscious energy.

My Love,
Can you handle all that love has to realize?
Beginning with the self and then actualize,
Share unto the world and let materialize,
Fathom this consciousness for My Love to rise.

For My Love is your Love and your Love is My Love,
And our Love is the Love we have all been in search of,
Knowing love as all encompassing there is never need to shove,
And being conscious of this illusion is key to understanding My Love .

My Love ,
Do you accept my invite to our predestined paradise?
I AM the person behind the disguise.
I AM the love that we all conceptualize.
But My Love, I can only be Love as seen through your eyes.

Broaden My Love to an infinite view,
So that wings are attached and love has no queue,
Don’t be frightened by the new scenery as you stroll by and through,
You have awakened the spirit of My Love inside of you.
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